One Word Substitution denoting Places – Helpful for English Learners

Learning vocabulary is a constant and necessary process for the language learners. So their focus must be on grabbing more and more words on daily basis. Vocabulary involves synonyms, antonyms, idioms, phrasal verbs, one word substitutions etc. In this topic we shall concentrate on One Word Substitutions related with Places. 

One Word Substitution makes language terse and effective. They are also important for the students trying Precis Writing.

One Word Substitution – अनेक शब्दों के लिए  शब्द 

A place for keeping honey- bees – Apiary.

A water tank for keeping fishes – Aquarium .

Place of wrestling – Arena (अखाड़ा )

A place for lunatics – Asylum ( गृह )

A place for the political refugees – Asylum

Place for keeping government records – Archives

House for the orphans – Orphanage (अनाथालय )

Name the place where we grow fruit trees – Orchard (बाग़ )

What do we call a place where horses are kept ? – Stable ( अस्तबल )

Name the place where people gamble – Casino

Places related One Word Substitution

Place for washing utensils – Scullery

Place for burying the dead – Cemetery (कब्रिस्तान )

Name the Place where the govt coins money – Mint

Place for keeping pigs – Sty

What do we call the place where dead bodies are kept for post-mortem ? – Mortuary (मुर्दाघर )

Place for keeping bees – Hive

Where do we call the house of a do ? – kennel

Name the squirrel’s home – Drey

Place where skins are processed – Tannery

Where do wild animals rest ? – Lair/ Den (मांद )

Place for ammunition/ software for storing data- Cache

A food storing behavior of animals – Cache

Birds’ captive place is  Cage.

Place for keeping birds is Aviary.

We keep sword in a sheath.

People keep their clothes in a wardrobe.

Sick people come here for health recovery – Sanatorium

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