General Knowledge Important Questions for IBPS, SSC Exams – Places

GK Questions on Important Places in India ( Important Places ) for SSC, IBPS, HSSC, etc.

General Knowledge is a very vast field to cover. It has been a part of all the Competitive Exams –  Recruitment and Entrance. There are questions from History, Geography, Civics, Culture, Traditions, Sports etc. Some of the questions are highly complicated. It requires a lot of hard work to have a bit of confidence in the Exam otherwise you will have to look here and there for answers.

WE are providing you a practice set in the forms of General Knowledge Questions Regarding Important Places in India and the World. Such questions are frequently asked in all the papers whether they be of IBPS, SSC, Railways or State Level Recruitments. So check your Preparation Level and IQ level by answering the following Questions –

Important Places and Information about them –

Q. 1- Which city is known as the City of Pope ?

Q. 2- Which city is known as the World’s Holy City ?

Q. 3 – Which country is known as the Sugar Bowl of the World ?

Q. 4 – Which city is known as the city of Skyscrapers ?

Q. 5. What is it that is called the Mourning of China ?

Q. 6. Pearl of the Orient ( East ) is –

Q. 7. Which country is called the land of Golden Wool ?

Q. 8. Land of Kangaroo is –

Q. 9. Which Island is called Emerald Island ?

Q . 10. Which country is called the Playground of Europe ?

Q. 11. Which country is called the land of Sunrise ?

Q. 12. Which country is called the land of Thunderbolt ?

Q. 13. The land of White Elephants –

Q. 14. The Graveyard of the English –

Q. 15. Which country is called Cockpit of Europe ?

Q. 16. Which is called the Forbidden City ?

Q. 17. The Garden of India –

Q. 18. India’ bowl of spices ?

Q. 19. The Paradise of the World –

Q. 20. The Paradise of Asia –

Solution of the above questions –

1. Rome 2. Rome 3. Cuba 4. New York 5. Yellow River ( Huang Ho River ) 6. Singapore 7. Australia 8. Australia 9. Ireland 10. Switzerland 11. Japan 12. Bhutan 13. Thailand 14. Guinea Coast 15. Belgium 16. Lhasa in  Tibet 17. Bengaluru 18. Kerala 19. Paris 20. Thailand

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