English Paper for SSC, IBPS PO Clerk Exam – Paper 2

After publishing the first paper for the Staff Selection Commission Exams, IBPS PO and clerk level Exams and other Competitive Exams’ Practice, we feel it necessary to publish another paper for your practice. Besides the paper will carry the Solution for the first paper.

English Paper for SSCWe have got an overwhelming response from our readers regarding the English Paper – 1. They have praised our efforts and told us that they have been benefited a lot due to that Exercise. They have made a request to us to publish another paper and we are doing that. First of all check the solution of English Paper – 1.

English Paper 1 Solution

1. Mr Sharma with his wife and children was present in the party.

2. Who are

3. student is

4. The teachers asked students if ….

5. She requested me to help

6. c

7. c

8. c

9. a

10. a

11. c

12. a

13. d

14. a

15. a

16. d

17. b

18. d

19. a

20. b

21. c

22. a

23. She asked me what I was doing there.

24. By what are you brought here?

25. b

Practice another 25 English Questions from below – Paper Set 2

Common Errors –

1.When I went there I found that he has been lying in the bed as he was ill.

2. Most of the cities in India is giving poor performance as far as cleanliness is concerned.

3. He is one of the boys who is not doing his work properly.

4. He, you and I must confess our guilt.

English Paper for SSC, IBPS PO Clerk Exam

5. One should be very careful about what he/she does or says in the public.

6. He was taking to the hospital as he was struck by a car.

7. I went to meet my friend to hospital who is suffering from dengue.

8. Child who is wearing red shirt is my son.

9. Those must not throw stones at others who live in the glass houses.

10. Although he is very intelligent, but he commits a lot of mistakes.

Synonyms –

11. Assuage –

a. Allay b. aggravate c. excite d. heighten

12. Abominable –

a. Pleasant b. Odious c. Enjoyable d. Likable

13.  Brilliant –

a . Dull  b. Shallow  c . Astute d. Moron

14. Elevate –

a. Curtail b. Lessen c. Amplify d . Diminution

15. Proximity –

a. Adjacent b. Remoteness c. Aloofness d. Distant

One Word Substitution

16. One who collects Coins –

a- Omnivorous b – Philanthropist c- Sadist d – Numismatics

17 .A person who leaves his/her country to settle in another country –

a – Immigrant b- Emigrant c- Foreigner d – Traitor

Reported Speech for English Practice – Previous Paper’s Solution

18 . ” Why is he late ? ” asked my brother.

19. She said ,” What a fool I am ! ”

20. I said to him ,” Let’s clean out country .”

Change the Voice

21. I am being disturbed here.

22. TV was invented in the 19th century.

23. She was taken to the hospital.

Fill the blanks with prepositions –

24. I am vexed ——– his behavior.

25. He has put ——– his plan of visiting Delhi.

English Paper 2 Solution – 1. he had been lying 2. in India are giving .. 3. Who are 4. I, you and he 5. about what one does .. 6. He was taken .. 7. my friend who is suffering from dengue to hospital. 8. The child .. 9. Those who live in the glass houses must not throw stones at others

10. yet in place of but 11. a 12. b 13. c 14. c 15. 16. d 17. b 18. My brother asked why he was late 19. She confessed saying that she was a big fool. 20. I proposed to him that we should clean out country 21. Something is disturbing me here 22. Scientists invented TV in the 19th century 23. People took him to the hospital 24. with 25. off

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The Solution of this paper will be available in the Next Paper after a short while.

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