Practice Set of Active and Passive Voice for Competitive Exams - 1

If you have read the rules of Active and Passive voice from our blog, it is time for you to do the Practice of theirs. As you know that Active and Passive Voice plays and important role for the competitive exams for jobs and admissions, it is necessary to give them maximum practice.

Therefore we are preparing some Practice sets of Voice. This is the Practice Set 1. The questions of Active and Passive Voice come in the form of sentences ( they ask you to change the voice ) and common errors. We hope you shall be benefited a lot from this effort of ours.

Q. 1 Change the voice of the following sentences -

a. Don't touch the naked wire.

b. There is nothing to say.

c. He has to purchase a car.

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d. One should listen to one's conscience.

e. I like the people to respect me.

f. Turn him out.

g. Someone killed the criminal.

h. It is time to switch off T.V.

i. I am to take tea.

j. Please bring me a glass of water.

k. Let her write a poem.

l. Did you tell a lie ?

m.Why did you help her ?

n. The judge enquired in to the case.

o. She made me sing.

p. She asked me if I could solve that sum.

q. They let me go.

r. People speak English all over the world.

s. Rose smells sweet.

t. The police arrested the thief and sent him to jail.

u. By whom are you taught English ?

v. Which teacher teaches you ?

w. How many people played the match ?

x. Can you read this letter ?

y. She will have prepared coffee by now.

z. They were taken to the hospital.

Solution of the Active and Passive Voice Practice Set - 1-

a. Let the wire not be touched.

b. There is nothing to be said.

c. A car has to be purchased by him.

d. Conscience should be listened to.

e. I like to be respected.

f. Let him be turned out.

g. The criminal was killed.

h. It is time for TV to be switched off.

i.Tea is to be taken by me.

j.You are requested to bring me a glass of water.

k.Let a poem be written by her.

l. Was a lie told by you ?

m.Why was she helped by you ?

n. The case was enquired into by the judge.

o. I was made to sing by her.

p.I was asked if I could solve that sum.

q. I was let go.

r. English is spoken all over the world.

s. Rose is sweet when smelt.

t. The thief was arrested and sent to jail.

u. Who teaches you English ?

v. By which teacher are you taught?


Which teacher are you taught by ?

w. By how many people was the match played?

x. Can this letter be read by you ?

y. Coffee will have been prepared by her by now.

z. People took them to the hospital.

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