Adverse Impact of Internet – A Brief Essay

Everything in this world has two sides – Bright and Dark. Bane comes with boon and vice versa. It depends upon the taker which side he wishes to take. Internet is one of the most wonderful inventions of this modern era. No one can imagine his/her life without the use of internet. There is no gainsay that it has become the integral part of our busy life.

Online Business, Online Banking, Paying online bills, Online Bookings, Chatting with our friends on Social Networks are some of the gifts by Internet. But this boon has brought some disadvantages in its wake. There are many disadvantages of Internet if not used properly. Read these Disadvantages from below –

Source of Obscene Material –

The obscene material is available every time on internet. Everybody can have easy access to them any time. The concern grows when children are found viewing such vulgar things. There are many porn websites causing moral bankruptcy in the society. The cases of rapes, molestation etc are the outcome of this immorality.

Main Instrument in Spreading Venom in society –

Now it has become a fashion to share views on Social Websites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. But some people use these platforms for spreading hatred, especially communal hatred. Messages spread like the fire of the jungle. Any news posted on it becomes viral immediately and the whole country falls in its grip. Due to this, many unwarranted incidents took place in the past and caused communal disharmony in our society.

Enhances Crime in Society –

Now hackers can hack your accounts and cause a big loss to you. It is helping anti-social forces and anti-national elements like terrorists in carrying out their mission. Even they can cause damage sitting in their comfortable zones. Secret information can be stolen easily by using internet.

Wastage of Time –

Internet users spend much time sitting using internet. People are engaged in downloading Videos, Games and watching and playing them. Especially the students waste their precious time in such things. Crush Candy makes them involve, movies catch their attention and Whats App keeps them busy most of the time.

But the people must know how to use the things properly for their benefits. Internet is a great gift. It is like a magic doing every work in minutes and seconds for us. Don’t misuse it and make it a bane.

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