Exam Time – Keep yourself stress free, Read PM’s Tips

This is January 2018 and winter is at its peak. Students are enjoying winter vacation in almost all the states. Actually the students don’t waste these vacation in enjoyment. They spend most of them preparing for pre-board exam. There is a lot of burden of work at school as well. Teachers take daily, weekly and monthly tests.Hopes of results are very high.

As a result, the students are under tense problem. What to speak of the students, teachers also face the same situation. Sensing this situation, the PM Modi had also addressed this problem in his favorite monthly show ” Mann Ki Baat “. He speaks with the students every year through this programme. This time he has said – Revise and be wise. Compete with yourself. Failure is not the last thing.

These lines contain very beneficial meaning for the students. But there is the need of understanding the hidden meaning of these lines. In the first line he says that there is no need of revising or cramming like a parrot. It must be done in a wise way. Students must understand the content. They must know what is useful from examination’s point of view.

There are students who keeps revising the syllabus time and time again without understanding it. There is no use of that. Secondly, students must not compete much with each other. They have competition with each other. See what you have improved from your previous situation. Check where you have made mistakes. Enhance your timing as per the need. Also compares with others in your class.

Last but not the least, they must not think about failure. This is the negative thinking. They must take it positively. The students can learn a lot from their own failures. They become wiser. They become hard worker. Now, they know how to solve this situation. Next time you taste unexpected success in life.

Besides, he wishes them best for their 2018 board exam.

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