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This time Haryana Staff Selection Commission is in a process of holding written exams for various posts in various departments. In most of the Exams General Knowledge and Current Affairs is an integral part and Questions related with Haryana are part and parcel of this GK Portion. Haryana GK & Current Affairs

That's why the examinees are constantly in search of questions related with this state. In this article we are putting down some questions related with Haryana, its people, Districts, culture, Politics etc. We are quite hopeful that you will get a lot of benefits from this efforts of ours.

Haryana is located in the North-west of India. It's total area is 44,212 sq km. It shares boundaries with various states such as in its east there is Uttar Pradesh, in North-West Punjab,  in North, Himachal and in its South-West Rajasthan. Besides Haryana has covered Delhi from three sides. Read some of facts related with this small state of the country.

Some Important Questions Related with Haryana and Practice SET below for HSSC HTET Exams-

Capital of Haryana - Chandigarh

Districts - 22

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Governor - Sh Bandaru Dattatreya

Assembly Seats - 90

Lok Sabha Seats - 10

Rajya Sabha Seats - 5

Chief Minister - Sh Manohar Lal Khattar

Dy Chief Minister - Sh Dushyant Chautala

Sh Anil Bij - Home Ministry

Chief Justice of Haryana - Justice Ravi Shankar Jha who replaced Justice Murari. New *

Birth Date - Oct 14, 1961

Departments under CM - Home, Power, Mines and Geology, Town and Country Planning and Urban Estates, Architecture, Science and Technology, Jails, General Administration, Administration of Justice, Information, Public Relations and Public Affairs, Renewable Energy, Raj Bhawan Affairs, Electronics and Information Technology and any other department not occupied by any minister.

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CM - Finance

Mr. Narbir Singh - Public Works ( B & R ), Forest, Industrial Training

Sh Krishan Lal Panwar - Education

Mr. Ranjit Singh ( Independent ) - Electricity

Mr. Sandeep Singh ( Independent ) - State Minister ( Independent )

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Some Important Facts regarding Haryana -

Haryana was formed on 1st of November 1966. This day is celebrated as Haryana Day.

In the cleanliness drive on 2nd October 2018, Haryana has bagged No. 1 Position in the field of overall sanitation and cleanliness under " Sarvachh Sarvekshan Grameen - 2018 " Karnal has found the 7th slot among the most clean districts of India.

Q. How many districts were there when Haryana was formed ?

Answer - Seven Districts ( Rohtak, Jind, Hisar, Gurgaon, Karnal, Ambala, Mahendragarh ).

Q. New Political Founded Separately from INLD -

Answer - Jannayak Janta Party ( JJP ) founded by Dushyant Chautala just before Jind by-election

31st Jan 2019 ( Breaking ) - The Jind by-election has been won by the BJP candidate Sh Krishna Midha. The second position went to JJP followed by the Congress.

A few questions related with CWG 2018

Q. Name the youngest Indian Gold Medalist in CWG 2018 ?

Ans - Anish Bhanwala ( 15 Years ) from Karnal

Q. What is the award money for the CWG 2018 Players in Haryana ?

Ans - For Gold Medalist - 1.5 crore

For Silver Medal Winner - 75 Lakh

Winner of Bronze Medal -  Rs 50 Lakh

Q. Who won the Gold Medal in Javelin Throw and became the only 5th Athlete go win Gold Medal in CWG ?

Ans - Neeraj Chopra from Khandra Village ( Panipat )

Q. Name the Former C.M. of Delhi Who has died recently ?

Ans - Sheila Dikshit ( From 21st March 1938 to 20th July 2019 )

Q. Which district of Haryana does the famous singer Sonu Nigam Belong to ?

Ans - Faridabad

Q. Ladli Social Security Yojana was started from -

Ans - From 1st of Jan 2002

Q. Which mantra has become the part of Syllabus in Haryana ?

Ans - Gayatri Mantra

Q. Population of Haryana as per 2011 Census -

Ans - 25,351,462

Q. Which is the largest city in population?

Ans - Faridabad

Q. Largest city area-wise ?

Ans - Bhiwani with area 5,140 sq km.

Official Languages - Hindi / Punjabi

Local Language - Haryanvi ( Dialect )

Q. Director General of Police ( DGP) Haryana ?

Answer - Manoj Yadava

Q. Who is DGP ( Prisons) ?

Answer - K.P Singh

Q. Which district is known as Sripad Janapad ?

Ans - Kurukshetra

Q. When did Mahmood Gajnabi attack Thaneshwar ?

Ans - AD 1014

Q. Who had launched Sandesh weekly Magazine ?

Ans - Nekiram Sharma

Q. Who was the Freedom fighter who later became the CM of the State ?

Ans Ch Devilal

Q. Which city is not the Part of Panchkula Police Commissionerate ?

Ans - Ambala

Q. Which girl from Haryana has won Miss World 2017 ?

Answer - Manushi Chhillar

Q. Which village and district does Manushi belong to ?

Answer - Bamnoli village of Jhajjar District

Q. Where did Miss World 2017 take place ?

Answer - Sanya in China

Haryana GK Practice Set - 1

Q. Which district is known as Srikantha ?

Ans - Kurukshetra

Q. Who was the ruler of Rewari at the time of Mughal Emperor Akbar ?

Ans - Hemchandra ( Hemu )

Q. In which district has the Ashoka's Topra Stambha found ?

Ans - Ambala

Q. What is the script of Ashoka Stambha ?

Ans - Brahmi

Q. After whose name was Kurukshetra christened ?

Ans - King Kuru

Q. At which place of District Bhiwani does the Baba Kherewala's fair take place at Raksha Bandhan ?

Ans - Naurangabad

Q. How many villages are there in Haryana ?

Ans - 6,841

Q. 1st dairy of milk ( in the world ) from she-donkey will be opened in the district of Haryana -

Ans - Hisar

Q.  No of Tehsils, Sub-tehsils, Blocks and cities and towns  in Haryana  - Latest 2020

Ans - Tehsils - 93, Sub-tehsils - 50, Blocks - 140, Cities and towns - 154

Enjoy Some more important Facts about Haryana -

Ghaghar Yamuna Doab is divided in to two parts namely Bangar and Khadar

Q. How many districts were there at the time of Haryana's Birth ?

Ans - Only 7

There are six lakes in Haryana - Bibipur, Najaphgarh, Badkhal, Karan, Jahajgarh, Sultanpur

The height of Shiwalik Mountains varies from 900 to 2,300 Metres and that of Aravallis from 200 to 500 Metres.

By Nov 1970, all the villages of the state were electrified.

Q. Which district of Haryana is known as the Bowl of Rice ?

Ans -Karnal

Q. Who is known as the Architect of Bhakhra Dam ?

Ans -Ch Chhotu Ram

Q. When did Haryana Punjab Boundary Commission come in to existence ?

Ans - 20th April 1966

Q. Who was bestowed with the Title of Haryana Kesari ?

Ans - Nekiram Sharma

Q. Which state is the largest recipient of investment per capita income since 2000 ?

Answer - Haryana

Q. Which is the world's largest and oldest civilization that has ints existenc in Rakhigadhi ?

Answer - Indus Valley Civilization

Q. Who is known as Haryana's Iron man?

Ans - Ch Bansilal

Q. Who is Haryana's humorous poet ?

Ans - Surender Sharma

Q. The Tomb of Chalis Hafij is situated in -

Ans - Hisar

Q. Famous singer of Haryana who has shown her appearance in the famous TV Show Big Boss 2017 ?

Answer - Sapna Chaudhary

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Haryana's Folk Dance

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Haryana Sports Related Information ( New Read about Sakshi Malik who has won Bronze in Women Wrestling at Rio Olympic and became the first wrestler to win Olympic Medal and Fourth Women of India to win Medal)

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Questions on Haryana Language and Literature

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Important facts and Dates regarding Haryana History

Q. When did the famous Battle of Panipat between Akbar and Hemu take place ?

Ans - In 1556

Q. When did Mehmood Gajnabi attack Thanesar ?

Ans - In 1014

Q. Who had discovered Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans -R.S. Bist

Q. At what place of Haryana, the Mutiny of 1857 began ?

Ans - Ambala Cantonment

Q. Who was the Nawab of Bahadurgarh at the time of 1857 Mutiny ?

Ans - Mohan Singh

Q. Who had led Patodi during 1857 Mutiny ?

Ans - Akbar Ali

Q. From which district of Haryana was Gandhi arrested on 30th July 1919 ?

Ans - Hisar

Q. Which district of Haryana rank no 1 in the country in IT growth rate ?

Answer - Gurgaon

National Highways of Haryana and Important Cities lying on them.

We have seen that there have been some questions related with Haryana National Highways in the recently held exams by HSSC. So check some of the questions related with NH Haryana.

NH 1 - Delhi to Amritsir - Cities - Amritsir, Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Rajpura, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, Delhi

National Highway 2 - Delhi to Kolkata - The cities of Haryana that fall on this Highways are - Faridabad, Ballabhgarh, Palwal, Hodal

NH 8 - Delhi to Mumbai - Cities are - Gurgaon, Bawal

National Highway 10 - Delhi to Fazilka  - Cities Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, Maham, Hansi, Hisar, Fatehabad, Sirsa, Dabwali

NH 22 - Ambala to Shipkila - Important Cities Kalka, Pinjore

National Highway 21 A - Pinjore to Swarghat - Pinjore, Panchkula

NH 65 - Ambala to Pali - Ambala

National Highway 71 - Sangarur to Bawal Road - Sangarur, Narwana, Rohtak, Jhajjar, Bawal Road

National Highway 71 A - Rothak to Panipat - Cities are - Rohtak and Panipat

NH 72 - Ambala to Haridwar - Ambala, Jagadhari

NH 73 - Roorki to Panchkula Road - Yamunanagar, Saha, Panchkula

Note - We have included only cities from Haryana.

Mandals in Haryana and their Districts -

Haryana has Six Mandals viz Ambala, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Hisar. Let's check the no of districts fall under each of them.

  • Ambala has 5 districts. They are Ambala, Panchkula, Yamunanagar, Kaithal and Kurukshetra
  • In Rohtak also there are 5 districts which are Karnal, Panipat, Sonipat, Rohtak and Jhajhar
  • Gurgaon has 6 districts which are Gurgaon, Faridabad, Rewari, Mahendragarh, Mewat and Palwal
  • In Hisar there are 5 districts. The names of these districts are Hisar, Sirsa, Fatehabad, Jind and Bhiwani

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Q. In area, Haryana got the place in the country ........

Answer - 21st

Q. What is the most ancient and important river of Haryana ?

Answer - West Yamuana Canal

Last Word - We shall update this post with more facts of Haryana State. So we  suggest you to keep coming. This Haryana GK will also be available in Hindi later. Thanks

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    • No[a] Name Term of office[2] Party[b] Days in office
      1 Bhagwat Dayal Sharma 1 November 1966 23 March 1967 Indian National Congress 143 days
      2 Rao Birender Singh 24 March 1967 2 November 1967 Vishal Haryana Party 224 days
      – Vacant[c]
      (President's rule) 2 November 1967 22 May 1968 N/A
      3 Bansi Lal 22 May 1968 30 November 1975 Indian National Congress 2749 days
      4 Banarsi Das Gupta 1 December 1975 30 April 1977 517 days
      – Vacant[c]
      (President's rule) 30 April 1977 21 June 1977 N/A
      5 Chaudhary Devi Lal 21 June 1977 28 June 1979 Janata Party 738 days
      6 Bhajan Lal 29 June 1979 22 January 1980 208 days
      22 January 1980 5 July 1985 Indian National Congress 1992 days
      (3) Bansi Lal 5 July 1985 19 June 1987 715 days
      (5) Chaudhary Devi Lal 17 July 1987 2 December 1989 Janata Dal 870 days [Total 1608 days]
      7 Om Prakash Chautala 2 December 1989 22 May 1990 172 days
      (4) Banarsi Das Gupta 22 May 1990 12 July 1990 52 days [Total 569 days]
      (7) Om Prakash Chautala 12 July 1990 17 July 1990 6 days
      8 Hukam Singh 17 July 1990 21 March 1991 248 days
      (7) Om Prakash Chautala 22 March 1991 6 April 1991 Samajwadi Janata Party 16 days
      – Vacant[c]
      (President's rule) 6 April 1991 23 July 1991 N/A
      (6) Bhajan Lal 23 July 1991 9 May 1996 Indian National Congress 1752 days [Total 3952 days]
      (3) Bansi Lal 11 May 1996 23 July 1999 Haryana Vikas Party 1169 days [Total 4633 days]
      (7) Om Prakash Chautala 24 July 1999 4 March 2005 Indian National Lok Dal 2051 days [Total 2245 days]
      9 Bhupinder Singh Hooda 5 March 2005 19 October 2014 Indian National Congress 3329 days
      10 Manohar Lal Khattar[4] 26 October 2014 Incumbent Bharatiya Janata Party 686 days


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