Haryana Awards & Honor – Check details for HSSC Exams

As you know Haryana is the land of sports, culture and tradition. It is a progressive state and progressing in every field. And in order to make have more progress, it is necessary to encourage the people whatsoever field they belong to.

As a result, the state govt gives away awards and honors to such people on various occasions. It is necessary to read about such Awards and Honours in details for your upcoming exams in Haryana.

Questions on Haryana Famous Awards and Honors – पुरस्कार व सम्मान 

Q. 1 What is the biggest Sports Award of Haryana State ?

Q. 2. How many players get Bhim Awards every year ?

Q. 3. What cash prize is given to the winner of Bhim Award ?

Q. 4. In which field is Jan Nayak Ch Devilal Award given ?

Q. 5. What Reward Amount is given to the Olympic Gold Medal Winner ?

Q. 6. Which animal is concerned with Haryana Govt Pashudhan Vikas Puruskar ?

Q. 7. How much does the Gold Medal Winner in the Asian Games get from Haryana Govt?

Q. 8. What is the Cash Prize for Common Wealth Games Gold Medal winner ?

Q. 9. How much cash prize is given under Jan Nayak Ch Devilal Award at district and state levels respectively ?

Know about Haryana Awards and Honors

Q. 10. Chief Minister Ratna Award is related with –

Q. 11. How much cash amount is given for the winner of the Chief Minister Ratna Award ?

12. सूर सम्मान is related with –

Q. 13. When was सूर पुरस्कार changed in to सूर सम्मान ?

Q. 14. Which Sanskrit award is given by Sanskrit Academy every year ?

Q. 15. Which award is given by Urdu Sahitya Academy for the contribution in the field of Urdu ?

Q. 16. Who gives away the Sports Award in Haryana ?

Ans – 1. Bhim Award 2. Five 3. Rs. 51,000 4. For the maximum agricultural production 5. Rs 6 Crore 6. Murrah Buffaloes 7. Rs 3 crore 8. 1.5 crore 9. Rs 1 lakh and 25,000 10. Industrial labour 11. Rs 1 lakh 12. Literature 13. In 2006 14. Maharishi Balmiki Award 15. Hali Award 16. Governor

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