English Language Lab – Easy Process, Benefits

About English Language Lab – Process of Setting up, benefits

In order to improve Listening and Speaking Skills of English Language of the non-native speakers, Language Lab plays very important role. Prestigious schools always have this facility. Other schools also want to follow suit. But most of the schools don’t know the process and the accurate benefits of Language Lab.

Process of starting a English Lab. Getting English Lab in a school is very costly. You need various things to maintain it. It costs approximately 2 to 3 lakh. There are various companies that provide services ranging approximately from 4 lakh to 10 lakh.

How to get cheap access to Language Lab – Most of the schools don’t have reach to establish these labs. But it doesn’t mean the students of these schools will be deprived of this practical lab. There is no need to spend big amount of money.

These schools can set up such Language Lab (Here English) in less amount. They need some PCs (Personal Computers). Second thing is to get a pen-drive. No need internet. Download some English programmes which you wish your students must listen.

From the pen-drive you will have to upload these programmes in all the computer sets in the lab. Head phones are the most important tool here. They must be connected with CPU where the programmes are already installed. Students will be able to listen these programmes.

So we need the following instruments for setting up English Lab-

a. Computer sets

b. Head Phones

c. Pen-Drives to download and upload programmes.

d. And teachers who can help them during the listening process.

How to use English Language Lab –

Students will come to the lab (English lab). Teacher has already selected the programme. These students will wear head-phones which are connected with the computer sets. Benefits of English Computer Lab-

This English Lab will provide a lot of benefits to the students, learners. The students will listen to these programmes (essays, stories, poems etc.) with full focus. It will enhance their listening skill. They will also get right pronunciation of the words. Moreover, it will enhance a big confidence in them.

Then the teacher will check their comprehension of the language via discussion about the topic. After some time, students will be able to see the effect of language lab.

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