Transitive & Intransitive Verb – Definition, Examples

What are Transitive and Intransitive Verbs ? – Read Definitions with Examples. Before we start, we must know the definition of Verb. Verb – A word that speaks something about a person or a thing for which it comes. In

See Difference Between Than and Then with Examples

There is much confusion among the English language learners over the use of Than and Then. They tend to use one for the other and in this way destroy the complete meaning of the sentence. Look at some of the

Difference between Who Whom and Whose with Examples

There is much confusion among the English Language learners over the correct use of Who, Whom and Whose. We are making some endeavor to clear this difference. We hope that after reading this article, much of the confusion regarding their

Noun Gender – Masculine into Feminine – Important Words

Change the Gender of the following words ( Masculine into Feminine ). Read some important Words from ahead. This change of Gender of Nouns shall be very important for the students / Learners of English Language. But before that, read

Question Tags for Competitive Exams – Important Rules

Question Tags is one of the important topics in English Grammar. The Questions related with it are asked during many exams. It requires a bit of practice to overcome this problem of Question Tags. Here in this article we shall

Use of Adverb – Definition, Types and Examples

Adverb is a very important English Grammar Topic for any of the competitive Exams. In most of the exams, it becomes the part of Common Errors topic. Still there are individuals questions on this topic. Before you start doing the

Use of Reflexive Pronouns with Examples

Reflexive Pronoun is a type of Pronoun. It is used to put stress on the Subject. Reflexive Pronoun is formed by adding Self/ Selves with any Pronoun. Self is used with singular pronoun whereas Selves is used with Plural Pronoun.

Rules of Narration for Competitive Exams like SSC,Banking

How to do narration – Learn Simple Rules Assertive Sentences – Rudra said to Kinjal ,” I will bring you a pen.” Direct Narration /Speech Rudra told Kinjal that he would bring her a pen. Indirect Narration / Speech Rule

Use of Very, Much and Too with Examples

We have already done the Definition, Type and some Usage of Adverbs in our previous article. Now we shall do the use of some more important Adverbs like Very, Much and Too. Use of Very – Rule No 1. We

Use of Participles – Present, Past, Perfect Participles

We have already discussed Non-Finite verb and Gerund in our previous posts. We have also provided a Practice Set for Non-Finite verbs. Now we will cover the use of Participles. Read the Topic Called Common Errors from here. This topic

Use of Modals in blanks with Answers

Do the use of Modals in blanks – We have also provided the answer just below the sentence – Useful links for the examinees – Use of Modals in blanks ( Practice Set ) – a. A person ———— obey

Rules of Prepositions with Practice Papers for all Exams

English Subject  is an integral Part of all the Recruitment/Competitive Exams whether it is for a Clerk or IAS or for Admission to Diplomas or Degrees. Everywhere English has  good reputation. And in English, Grammar enjoys the same reputation as

Errors Indian Students Generally do In English

The following are the mistakes, the Indian students generally make while using English Language, especially while writing. In our previous blog related with this topic, we had indicated a few such type of things. Here we have found some more

Pick The Odd One Out From The Given Sentences

Learn how to pick out odd one out – Answer is being provided after each and every question – These sentences are very important for the examinees – Useful links for the candidates Choose the odd one out from the given

Rules of Adjectives for Common Errors Topic

Adjective is one of the important topics of Grammar that appear in the competitive exams conducted by Staff Selection Commission ( Centre or state ) , IBPS, RRB etc. We shall provide you with the definition of Adjective  and its

Common Error Sentences related with Pronouns with Solution

Check some of the sentences which are related with Pronouns. First of all you must know about the Pronoun and its Types. Then read about Reflexive Pronouns from here. These definitions/rules may help you in doing the exercise below. We

Use of Compound Sentences with Examples

Here we shall combine simple sentences to make a compound sentence – It contains a co-ordinate clause or more than one main clause ( part )  – Imp/ Useful links on this page Combining sentences using as well as, either….or,

Use of Tense for SSC, Banking, Railways Exams

This is the age of competition – competition in each and every field. But the greatest competition is for the Jobs and Admissions.There are many exams meant for the Admissions and Written exams. There are generally four common subjects in