Use of Compound Sentences with Examples

Here we shall combine simple sentences to make a compound sentence - It contains a co-ordinate clause or more than one main clause ( part )  - Imp/ Useful links on this page Combining sentences using as well as, either....or,

Use of Tense for SSC, Banking, Railways Exams

This is the age of competition - competition in each and every field. But the greatest competition is for the Jobs and Admissions.There are many exams meant for the Admissions and Written exams. There are generally four common subjects in

Practice Set for Non-Finite Verb - Paper 1

Practice makes a man perfect. This rule applies to every person and every thing in this world. And it also applies to English Grammar. If you wish to have good hands at Non-Finite Verb, you must practise it as much

Errors Indian Students Generally do In English

The following are the mistakes, the Indian students generally make while using English Language, especially while writing. In our previous blog related with this topic, we had indicated a few such type of things. Here we have found some more

Synthesis of Simple Sentences - Definition & Examples

Definition and examples of Synthesis of Simple Sentences - Imp/useful links ahead - Definition of Synthesis - Synthesis means the combination of two or more simple sentences into one simple, complex and compound sentence. a. Sue purchased a pencil. She

Phrases with Definition and Examples

You will read the definitions of the Phrases and types ahead - Phrase is a group of related words used as a single part of speech. It makes sense but not complete sense. It has neither a subject nor a

Concepts Part 4 - Definition, Types and Examples

You will read on this page types and examples of concepts part - 4 along with definition The next point is Obligation and Necessity - These are presented by the following way - Use of Verbs like compel and oblige

Concepts Part 1 - Definition and Examples

You will learn as to how to express different concepts and Ideas : Orders, Requests etc. These concepts may be expressed in different ways. The verbs: order, suggest etc. and modal auxiliaries : can, may, will, shall etc are used

Concepts Part 3 - Definition & Examples

On this page we shall do the rest of definitions and examples of concepts Intention - Intention can be shown from the following way - Use of Verbs like Intend, Plan and Mean We intended to read this book. Use

Concepts Part 2 - Definition and Examples

In this page, we shall read other types of Concepts. This is the part - 02. Concept Part 1 Suggestion - It can be shown with the help of - Let us go there. Shall we write this essay ?

How to Write Precis - Some Important Points

Definition Of a Precis - Précis is a French word. An English word near to it is precise which means an accurate and complete brief of the original. To make Précis of a given sentence, paragraph or passage is to

Perfect Continuous Tense - Structure & Usage

In this segment of rules of the tenses, we shall cover Present Perfect Continuous, Past Perfect Continuous and Future Perfect Continuous Tense on this page. Earlier we have covered Indefinite, Continuous and Perfect tenses. After covering the Perfect Continuous Tense,

Stative and Dynamic Verbs - Definitions and Examples

In this article we will learn about Stative and Dynamic Verbs with the help of examples - The barrister was examining the case. She has been preparing for her examination for six months. The sun is shining over her head.

Practice Set 2 for Question Tags - Exercise

We are giving you some sentences of whose we have made tags. In questions you will find a simple sentence and in answers you will find the question tags. Practice set of question tags - Q. They didn't see you.

Common Error Sentences related with Pronouns with Solution

Check some of the sentences which are related with Pronouns. First of all you must know about the Pronoun and its Types. Then read about Reflexive Pronouns from here. These definitions/rules may help you in doing the exercise below. We

Rules of Nouns for Common Errors - Read Practice Sets

Common Errors is the integral part of Competitive English. There are four or five questions of Common Errors in almost all the exams pertaining to Recruitment and Admission. And in common Errors, use of Noun is one of the many

Pick out Nouns and Pronouns from Sentences

Students must pick out Nouns and Pronouns from the under given  sentences - Learn how to choose nouns and pronouns - Use important links There are some simple sentences. You need to find out Nouns and Pronouns from them. Though

Define Clause, its Types - Clause Analysis

Clause - Prepare its Types - We are doing Clause Analysis - Important Links ahead - Clause means part. There may be one part of a sentence or more than one. First of all check the following sentences - Ram

Clauses - Combine into Compound Sentences

Clauses - Combine two sentences into compound clauses - Practice Set with answers/ solutions - Use links below - Practice Set of clauses - Ravi was sleepy. He had been working all night. She taught us. She also gave us