What is an Adjective Clause ? – Its Types

In the previous blog posts you read about Noun Clause and Adverbial Clause. In this post, we shall discuss the Adjective Clause. What is an Adjective Clause and what are its types ? A clause that does the work of

Adverbial Clause – Definition, its Types & Analysis

In the previous blog, we did the definition of Clause and its type with main focus on Noun Clause. We shall dedicate this page to the definition of Adverbial Clause and its types along with the analysis of sentences. Definition

Translation of Sentences- How can we Transform/ Change a Sentence

Read Translation of Sentences – Change from one sentence without changing the meaning Can anybody/anyone lift this box ? ( Int )_- Nobody can lift this box. ( Neg ) क्या कोई इस बक्से को उठा सकता है ?- कोई

Use of Determiners – Types and Practice Sets

Learn the definition/ Use of Determiners along with its types and Practice sets – Definition of Determiners – Determiner is word that determines or limits the noun that follows it. For examples – This book, Some books, A few difficulties

Rules of Active and Passive Voice with examples

Active and Passive Voice is an integral part of any of the exams, whether you are taking Board Exam, Non-Board Exam or any Competitive Exams held by Staff Selection Commission, IBPS, Railways, FCI and States’ Recruitment Boards. As you know

Making Simple Sentence from other Sentences

Learn Making Simple Sentence Combining /Joining other Sentences – Simple Sentences in to one Sentence – Prepare with Examples – Important Words with Hindi meaning Prepare complete Grammar from here. 1. The hunters saw a lion. They ran away. Seeing

Use of Articles A, An,The – Remove Common Errors

Examweb.in is trying to cover all the Topics of English Grammar for the Competitive Exams. After covering Prepositions, Narration, Tense and other  many topics, we are covering Articles now. The Articles are of two types – Definite and Indefinite. The

Use of Modals – Learn Modals for Competitive Exams

Modals ( should, would , can, could etc.) are very important for all the competitive and school exams. They are very important in speaking in expressing a speaker’s feelings, ideas, opinions etc. First of all the question is ” What

Narration for Competitive Exams – Exclamatory Sentences

Narration is the important part of English Grammar which shows an inevitable presence in all the Recruitment, Board and Entrance Exams. We have already done Narration with Interrogative Sentences and Narration with Imperative Sentences. Now in this article we will

Practice Set For Use of Articles – Set 1

You must have read the rules of Articles ( A, An, The ) . We had covered those rules in our previous blog. If you haven’t read, you must read the Use of Articles from here. Now after covering the

Use of Introductory “There” – Practice Set

How to use There in a sentence ? – Learn usage of There in day-to -day sentences Use of There – The adverb There is used in the beginning of a sentence immediately before ” to be ” when the

Conjugated Verbs – Three Forms of Verbs

Learn Three forms of Verbs / Conjugated Verbs with Practice Sets/ Important Verbs Verbs are very important in sentence structures. In order to demonstrate any of the actions, we need verbs. There are three types of verbs – Present Verbs/

Use of Introductory It & There with Practice Set

In this article, we’ll teach our readers the use of Introductory It and There. For the English Language learners, it is very important to learn the use of these two words. Let’s do some of the rules related with It

Use of the verb Keep with Examples – Hindi English

Here in this article, we are going to tell you about the important use of the verb ” Keep “. Besides that see some more interesting uses. Examples are given in both English and Hindi Languages. Very useful for the

Non-Finite Verbs – Learn Rules for Competitive Exams

Having completed Tense, Voice, Narration and other topics, our next target is Non-Finite Verb. This topic is also very important for the upcoming exams by SSC, IBPS and other sectors. Verbs have been divided in to two parts – Finite

Simple English Sentences – Must be used in Primary Classes

To improve the level of teaching at Primary Levels and High Levels, it is necessary for the teachers to use Spoken English in the class-rooms. These simple English Sentences can be related with class-room activities, etiquette etc. Here the purpose