Concepts Part 4 – Definition, Types and Examples

You will read on this page types and examples of concepts part – 4 along with definition

The next point is Obligation and Necessity –

These are presented by the following way –

Use of Verbs like compel and oblige –

His poor business in the city had compelled him to leave the city.

Use of Nouns like need, necessity, etc.

There is the need to read this book.

Use of Conjunctive like how, when etc.

For example –

They do not know how to operate the computer.

Use of Modals like must, have to, should etc.

For example –

You must not enter my room.

Use of Adjectives like needless, necessary etc.

For example –

It is unnecessary for you to read all times.

Use of Should have/ Ought to have –

They should have told me earlier.

Use of Need scarcely/hardly/ Need not –

For example –

You need not go there.

P0ssibility –

It can be used in the following ways –

Use of Noun

For example –

There is the possibility that the govt will revoke these laws.

Possibility –

It can be used in the following ways –

Use of May/ Might –

For example :-

He may come today.

Use of Can/Could –

For example –

He could cross this river when he was young.

Use of Adjective –

Everything is possible if you work hard.

Use of Adverbs with the words like possible and perhaps –

Perhaps he will pass this time.


We can use condition in the following time –

Use of In case –

In case you do not work hard, you will not get success.

Use of on condition, if only, as long as, if etc.

For example :-

If you work hard, you will pass.

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Use of unless –

I will not go unless you are here.

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Concept Part 5

Use of Present Tense

What can he do if he fired ?

Use of Past Tense –

Ram was not guilty if he did not do that work.

Use of Future Tense –

If he worked hard, he would pass.

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