Use of Concepts Part 5 – Definition, Types and Examples

Concept Part 5 – You will come across concepts’ definition, types and use of examples – Imp links below on this page –

Use of Concept Part 4 from here.

Use of Promises  and Threat –

They are used in the following manners –

With the verbs like threat and promise :

e.g. He threatened to kill me.

With the nouns like threat and promise :

My father promised me to give me present after my success in the exam.

Use of Will :-

Ram will help you in this matter.

Use of Concept Part 3

Use of Refuse to show refusal :-

He refused to do this work.

Use of wouldn’t/ won’t –

They won’t go there.

Use of Should/ Shall –

He shall get the prize if he stands first.

Cause and Reason –

They are used to show result :-

With conjunctions like as, since, because etc.

Use of Concept Part 2

e.g. As she is your teacher, you should obey him.

Use of that :-

They are so mindful that they may solve this sum.

Use of For –

He was shot for he had killed many people.

Use of Why –

The reason why he left the class can’t be explained.

Use of to infinitive :-

I do not know how to take him in my favour.

Use of participles –

Being stupid, Ram made us laugh.

Advice –

It is used to show the help.

With the verb to show advice :-

e.g. They advised me to meet the Dr. at once.

Use of should/ought to/ must :

You should help him.

Use of Why don’t ( Do not ) you …..?

Why don’t you help him ?

Why do not go there ?

With had better :-

e.g. They had better work hard.

With May/ Might as  well :-

e.g. They may as well come here.

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