Concepts Part 2 – Definition and Examples

In this page, we shall read other types of Concepts. This is the part – 02.

Concept Part 1

Suggestion –

It can be shown with the help of –

Let us go there.

Shall we write this essay ?

Why don’t we/ you + Inf. ( for the 1st or 2nd persons advice )

e.g. Why don’t you go there ?

What/ how about+ gerund/noun –

What about going there ?

Suppose/Supposing –

Suppose I do not help you.

Use of Please –

Please write slowly.

Use of If –

If you work hard, you will pass.

Use of Had better –

They had better go there.

Use of suggest –

The doctor suggested me some rest.

Use of Might –

You might pay some attention on over-expenditure.

Permission –

Use of Verbs like Let, permit and allow –

Allow him some rest.

Use of Noun

We need his request to go there.

Use of Modals like Can , Could, May and Might –

May I come in, sir ?

May not –

Ravi may not come here as he is not willing.

Do you mind/ Would you mind –

Would you mind our coming late ?

Wish –

Use of verbs like prefer, hope and wish –

She wished her happy birth day.

We hope to have good money this year 2021.

Use of May/ Might –

With the help of verbs like hope and trust.

My friends hoped he might get success this year.

If only –

If only he knew who the culprit was!

May ( In the beginning of a sentence ) –

May God bless her with a child !

Would rather –

I would rather him join this school.

Imperative – In colloquial style

Have grand get together !

Would/ Should + like –

Would you like Radha to do this job ?

Subjunctive –

Long live our nation !

Shall ( in question ) – Shall the food serve his dinner on table !

Would that …………..were –

Would that summer were short !

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