Concepts Part 1 - Definition and Examples

You will learn as to how to express different concepts and Ideas : Orders, Requests etc.

These concepts may be expressed in different ways. The verbs: order, suggest etc. and modal auxiliaries : can, may, will, shall etc are used with corresponding nouns.

Use of Commands ( Orders ) -

Commands can be there with the help of -

  1. Verbs - Commanded/ ordered/ told etc.
  2. Imperative - Rush!, Hurry!, Quick! etc.
  3. Let - Let us do this work.
  4. Must - They must no violate school rules.
  5. May not - To express prohibition in written request i.e Teachers may not use mobile phones in the exam centre .
  6. Can't - Stop! He can not make a noise here!
  7. Shall - in formal written control; generally passive construction, we use shall. For example - The professors of the university shall be appointed.
  8. Will - Mainly used in written advice by the people who have some authority. For example - When you are told, you will not go there.
  9. Be+ ' to ' infinitive - She is to deposit cupboard keys in the office before leaving it.
  10. No + gerund - No cheating here !

Use of Request -

Requests can be there with the help of -

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  • Verb - She requested me to do her work.
  • Noun - Ram's request has been accepted.
  • Please/ will you - Switch off the light, please.
  • Would you please - For advice and hesitation. For example - Would you lend me your pen, please ?
  • Would you mind + gerund - Would you mind going there ?
  • If you would - If you would go there.
  • Would you like to........? - Would Radha like to share book with us ?
  • Can/ Could - In an informal request

Can we see him ?

  • May/ Might in Questions -

May I use your book at present ?

  • Might - In statements

She might be in discipline this time.

  • Might + perfect infinitive ( to show irritation at/ rebuke for the non performance of some action in the past.

She might have done this mistake.

  • Must - They must help him or he losses his seat in NEET 2021.
  • Just - Just remember positive things of life.

Wish + a clause - I wish I were the principal !

Use of Let - Let there be hope !

Use of Let .........shall we ?

Let's play now, shall we ?

Use of You couldn't..........could you ?

You couldn't help me cross this river, could you ?

Use of be + " to " infinitive - He is to be my best friend.

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