Concepts Part 4 – Definition, Types and Examples

You will read on this page types and examples of concepts part – 4 along with definition The next point is Obligation and Necessity – These are presented by the following way – Use of Verbs like compel and oblige

Concepts Part 1 – Definition and Examples

You will learn as to how to express different concepts and Ideas : Orders, Requests etc. These concepts may be expressed in different ways. The verbs: order, suggest etc. and modal auxiliaries : can, may, will, shall etc are used

Concepts Part 3 – Definition & Examples

On this page we shall do the rest of definitions and examples of concepts Intention – Intention can be shown from the following way – Use of Verbs like Intend, Plan and Mean We intended to read this book. Use

Concepts Part 2 – Definition and Examples

In this page, we shall read other types of Concepts. This is the part – 02. Concept Part 1 Suggestion – It can be shown with the help of – Let us go there. Shall we write this essay ?