Learn Important Abbreviations & their Full Forms Part – 1

In English, abbreviations ( short forms ) are much used in writing as well as in speaking. Most of  times we use them without knowing their full forms. When somebody asks us their full form, we have to cut a sorry figure.

Below are given some frequently used abbreviations and their full forms. We shall also try to update the post with latest abbreviations when we come across them.

A.M. – ante meridiem ( Latin expression meaning before midday )

P.M. – post meridiem ( after midday ), also Prime Minister

B.A. – Bachelor of Arts

B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce

B.Sc. – Bachelor of Science

CID – Criminal Investigation Department

c/o – care of

D. Lit. – Doctor of Literature

D. Phil – Doctor of Philosophy

Dr. – Doctor, Debtor

Do – Ditto  ( the same as is aforesaid )

D.C – Direct Current, Deputy Commissioner

E. and O.E – errors and omissions excepted

Eng – English

Engr. – Engineer

exp – especially

etc. – et cetera ( and others ) Latin Expression

e.g. – example given

fig. – figure

ft – feet, foot, fort

G.P.O – General Post Office

Important Short Forms/ Abbreviations

Prepare important short forms of daily use. We get them from TV or news papers.

hr – hour

H.Q. – Head Quarters

ib – ibid ( short form of ibidem, the Latin expression meaning in the same place )

id – idem ( the same )

i.e. – id est – Latin ( that is )

IG – Inspector General

Lt – Lieutenant

Ltd – Limited

MD – Doctor of  Medicine

Messrs. – Messieurs ( French Expression meaning Sirs, Plural of Mr. )

misc – miscellaneous

M.L.A – Member of Legislative Assembly

MP – Member of Parliament

mph – miles per hour

Mr – Mister, Master

Mrs – Mistress

M.S – Master of Surgery

n.b. – nota bene ( Latin Phrase meaning note well )

OK – Oll Korrect ( All correct )

Ph.D – Doctor of Philosophy

PT – Physical Training

PTO – Please turn over

P.W.D – Public Works Department

Re – Rupee

Rs – Rupees

Ref – Reference

Retd. – retired

R.S.V.P – Repondez s’il vous plait ( French Expression meaning Reply if you please )

sq – square

LDC – Lower Division Clerk

UDC – Upper Division Clerk

Learn Short Form –

We are providing short form / Abbreviation with full forms. We hope you will learn them.

Vs – Versus ( it means against )

viz. – videlicet, namely

VIP – Very Important Person

w.e.f – with effect from

WHO – World Health Organization

UNESCO – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Culture Organization

SAARC – South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

YMCA – Young Men’s Christian Association

YWCA – Young Women’s Christian Association

ICU – Intensive Care Unit

IP – Internal Protocol

NSG – National Security Group/ Nuclear Supplier Group

UGC – University Grants Commission

MoU – Memorandum of Understanding

NACEN – National Academy of Customs, Excise and Narcotics

DRDO – Defence Research and Development Organization

LGBT – Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

CDC – Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ( Related with Coronavirus here )

MERS – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

SARS – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

B.S.E – Bombay Stock Exchange

C.M.O – Chief Medical Officer

D.I.G – Deputy Inspector General

L.P.G – Liquified Petroleum

R.A.W – Research and Analysis Wing

R.A.F – Rapid Action Force

N.C.B. – Narcotics Control Bureau

LAC- Line of Actual Control ( Border line between India and China )

S.F.F – Special Frontier Force

L.O.C – Line of Control ( Border line between India and Pakistan )

Abbreviation Paper 2

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