Coronavirus – Information, Important Questions for Exams

Coronavirus is in the news these days. It is a deadly virus. It has shaken up the whole world especially China, India, America, Italy and other countries. People are suffering from the Virus- phobia. But the govt will certainly find its remedy very soon.

Update May 2021 –

Now the country is making new records every day in covid-19 cases. The cases have touched 4 lac numbers. The death cases have crossed 4 thousand mark daily. The country is moving ahead for another lock down.

Update 4th April 2021 –

Corona cases are on rise in India. There are more than 1 lac cases of Covid-19 in India. At some places schools and colleges are closed. There is partial lock-down at some places.

Update 2021

The corona vaccination will start from 16th of Jan 2021.

Update 2020-

India has also got patients suffering from Covid-19 new strain after Britain and other countries.  People must not worry of this new variety of Corona as Indian Health Ministry says.

We are providing you some information such as symptoms, diagnose and other things here in this article for the upcoming competitive exams such as SSC, Banking sector etc. We hope this will help you a lot in your preparations.

Note :- You can also use the given information for drafting reports, paragraphs essays etc.

Information Regarding Corona virus in the Question and Answer Forms –

Q. What are the symptoms of the virus ?

Answer – Sneezing, Running Nose, Cough and in some rare cases fever, sore throat, asthma etc.

Q. Is here any proper treatment to combat this Corona virus ?

Answer – Unfortunately, there is no treatment.

Q. What should be the proper precautions for the suffering persons ?

Answer – Drinking water and rest.

Q. When was Coronavirus first identified ?

Answer – In the 1960s.

Read details about Covid Coronavirus – Question and Answer Form

Q. Which new type of Coronavirus has been identified by the WHO recently ( 2019-2020 ) ?

Answer – 2019 Novel Coronavirus ( 2019-nCoV )

Q.How is the Corona virus transmitted to human beings ?

Answer – Coronavirus is Zoonotic which means it is transmitted between animal and human being.

SARS – Cats to human beings

MERS – Camels to humans

Read Abbreviations from here.

Q. How did Coronavirus get this name ?

Answer – For their crown like shape.

Q. Name the country mostly effected by corona virus ?

Answer – China

Q. In which season this virus more common in the USA ?

Answer  – In the fall and winter.

Q. What is Infodemic ?

Answer – Epidemic of Information

Q. Which medicine has India exported to America ?

Answer – Hydroxychloroquine

More information –

This spreads through infections ( touching etc )

Anyone can come down with a Coronavirus infection any time in life.

There are very common symptoms – sneezing, coughing, sore throat, fever…

Rhinovirus – Cold- causing virus.

Haryana state of India has become the first state of the nation to declare this disease as an epidemic. The country is taking measures to tackle this demon ( Coronavirus )

Corona Virus Vaccines may come by the end of this year.

Unlock – 4 is starting from 1st of Sept 2020.

We shall update this post if there is any content to add.

Update 16th March 2020 – This virus is also known as Nobel Covid 19 corona virus. Due to this virus, the schools, collages, universities, cinemas etc. are closed till 31st March.

Emergency Tips –

Washing hands frequently, Social Distancing, Keeping Coughing, Sneezing, Fewer under control, not touching things, faces, taking advice from the doctor. etc.

March 30, 2020 update-

The corona crisis has increased  in the country due to Tablighi  Jamat, Nizamudin (Delhi). People are saying  that members of the Jamat are not co-operating with the health-workers.

Listen PM Modi’s Address to Nation regarding Covid Corona Virus-  19th March 2020

Note – PM Modi has imposed breakdown in the whole of nation of 21 days i.e. up to 14th of Feb 2020.

CORONA , April 2020 Update-

Govts. of different states have decided to extend the dates of Lock down bend 14th of April viewing the increase in the number of corona cases in the country, the decision has been taken. The PM may address the whole nation on 11th or 12th of April in this regard.

Extension Lock Down –

Indian Govt has extended the lock-down from 15th of April to 3rd of May.

Lock-down May 2020-

Now lock-down period is 3rd May to 17th of May.

Update 15th May 2020-

To confront Economic recess ( आर्थिक मंदी ) in the country due to Corona Virus Lock-down, India Govt. has announced a booster of Rs. 20 Lack crores.

Update Lock-down May 2020-

After viewing the present situation the Central Govt. has extended the Lock-down from 18th May 2020 to 31st May 2020. In this Lock-down Govt. has given some relaxation.

Corona Update 5.0 1st Unlock-

The Central Govt. has extended 5.0 lock-down (1st Unlock ) from 1st June to 30 June with some relaxation and people using all Covid-19 Measures.

Update Nov 2020 –

Schools have been closed in some states. Wave 3 of Covid- 19 has started. Scientists estimated that corona may increase in India due to festivals and winter. Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has got covaxin shot on a trial basis.

Update Feb 2022 –

The third wave had no effect in India. Schools from First to 12th have opened in almost all the states. Students from 15  to 18 have got govt. approval for covaxin. Schools and other organizations are holding such camps of vaccinations so that the children may not have fear from corona and schools may run smoothly and off line exams may be held without any hurdle.

Update March 2022 –

Children from 12 to 14 may take vaccine in India. Near about 166 crore people in the country doses have got.

Update April 2022 –

About 184 crore vaccine doses have  been given. India’s active Corona caseload is about 13,000 so far in 2022. Some states like Haryana, Delhi, Telangana etc. have made masks-wearing optional. But we suggest we must be careful regarding Covid-19.

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