HBSE 10th Solved English Grammar 4th April 2022 – Set A

Haryana Board ( BSEH ) 10th English Grammar Solved Paper – 4th April 2022 Answers of Set A – Useful links for 10th class students

Section B ( Grammar )

Q. 1 Correct form of verbs

a. Irregular work—————( not bring ) success.

Answer – A – does not bring

b. We—————( wait ) for the school bus at the moment.

Answer – B- are waiting

c. We ————— ( go ) for a walk after the rain had stopped.

Answer – A – Went

Q. 2 Use of Articles

a. The more you earn ————- more you spend.

Answer – C – The

b. He did not speak ———— word in self – defence.

Answer – B – A

c. I saw ———— one – rupee note lying on the ground.

Answer – C – A

Q. 3 Indirect Speech ( Narration ) –

a. He said to me, ” Why does your uncle not help you ? ”

Answer – A – He asked me why my uncle did not help me.

b. He said, ” Light travels in a straight line .”

Answer – D – He said that light travels in a straight line.

c. Ramesh said to me, ” My book is better than yours. ”

Answer – D – Ramesh told me that his book was better than mine.

Q. 4 Use of Modals

a. ———— your future be bright !

Answer – A- May

b. Radha ————- play harmonium well.

Answer – B – Can

c. I go to school so that I ———— become a great man.

Answer – A – May

Q. 5 Use of Gerund or Infinitive Verbs –

a. She was fined for ———- ( come ) late.

Answer – A – Coming

b. He was too drunk ———– ( drive ) home.

Answer – C – To drive

c. Could you ———— ( help ) me please.

Answer – B – help

Q. 6 Use of Punctuation

a. she has done her ma in English

Answer – A – She has done her M.A. in English.

b. did mohan and kamala go to the park with their father and mother

Answer – B – Did Mohan and Kamala go to the park with their father and mother ?

c. god save me from such friends.

Answer – B- God save me from such friends !

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