Conjugated Verbs – Three Forms of Verbs

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Verbs are very important in sentence structures. In order to demonstrate any of the actions, we need verbs. There are three types of verbs – Present Verbs/ Past Verbs/ Past Participles. They are also known as the three forms of verbs.

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If we want to express any of the actions in a sentence, we shall have to depend upon verbs. For example – I go for walk every day. Yesterday I went for walk. He has already gone.

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In these three sentences, three actions have been demonstrated through three different forms of verbs. Therefore, it is imperative for us to learn important verbs along with meaning and three forms. In this post, we are providing you some very important verbs which can be helpful to you in learning English.

We are also giving the Hindi meaning of these verbs ( Conjugated Verbs )

Present Form Hindi Translation Past Form Past Participle
Distinguish अंतर करना distinguished distinguished
Displease नाराज करना Displeased Displeased
Occupy  जगह घेरना/ अधिकार करना Occupied Occupied
Invade आक्रमण करना Invaded Invaded
Rejoice ख़ुशी मनाना Rejoiced Rejoiced
Begin शुरुआत करना Began Begun
Deny  इंकार करना Denied Denied
Arise उठाना Arose Arisen
Ignore अनदेखा करना Ignored Ignored
Pour उडेलना Poured Poured
Owe ऋणी होना Owed Owed
Swear कसम कहना Swore Sworn
Groan कराहना Groaned Groaned
Bite काटना Bit Bitten
Leap उछलना Leapt Leapt
Tremble कांपना Trembled Trembled
Spin कातना Spun Spun
Snore खर्राटे लेना Snored Snored
Tread चलना Trod Trodden
Fell गिराना Felled Felled
Conceal छिपाना Concealed Concealed
Peel छीलना Peeled Peeled
Stab छुरा घोंपना Stabbed Stabbed
Freeze जमाना /जमना Froze Frozen
Wake जागना/जगाना Woke Waken
Conquer जीतना Conquered Conquered
Urge मिन्नत करना Urged Urged
Emphasize जोर डालना Emphasized Emphasized
Bask धूप सेकना
Basked Basked
Inflate भरना Inflated Inflated
Belch डकार मारना Belched Belched

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We advise you to read these verbs over and again to imbibe them. For that bookmark this page. We shall add some more verbs later. If you have any suggestion/ Feedback, you can give in the comment box below.

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