Conjugated Verbs - Three Forms of Verbs

Learn Three forms of Verbs

Verbs are very important in sentence structures. In order to demonstrate any action, we need verbs. There are three types of verbs - Present Verbs/ Past Verbs/ Past Participles. They are also known as the three forms of verbs. If we want to express any of the actions in a sentence, we shall have to depend upon verbs. For example - I go for walk every day. Yesterday I went for walk. He has already gone.

Do Tense from here.

In these three sentences, three actions have been demonstrated through three different forms of verbs. Therefore, it is imperative for us to learn important verbs along with meaning and three forms. In this post we are providing you some very important verbs which can be helpful to you in learning English.

We are also giving the Hindi meaning of these verbs ( Conjugated Verbs )

Present FormHindi TranslationPast FormPast Participle
Distinguishअंतर करनाdistinguisheddistinguished
Displeaseनाराज करनाDispleasedDispleased
Occupy जगह घेरना/ अधिकार करनाOccupiedOccupied
Invadeआक्रमण करनाInvadedInvaded
Rejoiceख़ुशी मनानाRejoicedRejoiced
Beginशुरुआत करनाBeganBegun
Deny इंकार करनाDeniedDenied
Ignoreअनदेखा करनाIgnoreIgnore
Oweऋणी होनाOwedOwed
Swearकसम कहनाSworeSworn
Snoreखर्राटे लेनाSnoredSnored
Stabछुरा घोंपनाStabbedStabbed
Freezeजमाना /जमनाFrozeFrozen
Urgeमिन्नत करनाUrgeUrge
Emphasizeजोर डालनाEmphasizedEmphasized
Baskधूप सेकना , आराम करना BaskedBasked
Inflateभरना InflatedInflated
Belchडकार मारना BelchedBelched

See the use of some verbs in the sentences

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We advise you to read these verbs over and again to imbibe them. For that bookmark this page. We shall add some more verbs later. If you have any suggestion/ Feedback, you can give in the comment box below.

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