Synonyms and Antonyms for all Exams by SSC, IBPS, CAT MBA

We are makingĀ  our best endeavor to supply you with everything that may cater to your preparation for the competitive exams ( Recruitment Related Exams and Entrance Tests ). Besides providing Grammar Contents and Question Papers we are making sincere efforts for fortifying your vocabulary area.

In the previous posts we brought to you One Word Substitution. We also provided you tips for strengthening your Vocabulary. In this post we shall focus on other aspects of vocabulary and i.e. Synonyms and Antonyms -

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Practice Set 1

Perverse -

Syn - Sullen, Fretful

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Ant - Suave, Amiable

Pamper -

Syn - Flatter, Spoil

Ant - Disparage, Chasten

Palpable -

Syn - Concrete, Distinct

Ant - Obscure, Intangible

Alleviate -

Syn - Soften, Palliate

Ant - Reproach, Denounce

Piquant -

Syn - Tasteful, Interesting

Ant - Unsavory, Insipid

Abrogate -

Syn - Repeal, Rescind

Ant - Authorize, Enact

Repugnant -

Syn - Offensive, Disagreeable

Ant - Agreeable, Pleasant

Veneration -

Syn - Reverence, Esteem

Ant - Affront, Disrespect

Quibble -

Syn - Evade, Equivocate

Ant - Plain, Unfeigned

Tranquil -

Syn - Placid, Unruffled

Ant - Turbulent, Volatile

Important Synonyms and Antonyms

Savage -

Syn - Ruthless, Unrelenting

Ant - Benevolent, Lenient

Subjugate -

Syn - Vanquish, Rout

Ant - Retreat, Succumb

Encroach -

Syn - Seize, Wrest

Ant- Reinstate, Restore

Slovenly -

Syn - Clumsy, Immature

Ant - Dexterous, Expert

Uncouth -

Syn - Vulgar, Inelegant

Ant - Elegant, Distinguished

Reticent -

Syn - Taciturn, Reserved

Ant - Garrulous, Loquacious

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