How to get Above 90% marks in Board Exams – Some Tips

This is the time of Board Exams in some of the states in the country. The Semester System is no more in the states like Haryana. Board exams by CBSE, UP Board, ICSE etc are the order of the day. Exams take place in Feb or March. In different states, they occur on different days. But they are inevitable. There is always a cut throat competition among the students to get more and more marks.

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This pressure keeps torturing the students through out the year. There is the pressure from the teachers to perform better in the exam, from the parents to outdo other mates and from themselves to get more and more marks. That’s why the students keep burning the midnight oil all the year. Hard work is there but no strategy.

That’s why there is some failure as far as marks and percentage is concerned followed by constant tension and grim mood. And why not must it be ? The Admission to various Prestigious institutions depends upon the percentage you get.Say in Delhi University the cut off in some subjects is more than 99% and in some cases it is 100%. Therefore their pining for more and more marks is justified.

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Here we are providing you some of the tips that may help you scoring more than 90% marks.

Sure Tips to Secure More than 90% marks in your Board Exams

Hard Work with strategy –

Every body does hard work to get good marks in the exams. So why are there some students who get more marks than others ? They use some strategy. This is called smart work. Don’t fall at the books like book-worms. Check the last years’ questions papers which are available on the Internet. Prepare those topics which are more important from examination’s point of view.

Add something new to what you have done –

If everyone is doing the same thing, then how you can get more marks. It means your work must stand out from that of others. Bring the element of marvelous and newness to your work. Suppose you are preparing questions of English, add introductions to them by giving details of the author and his work. It will certainly attract the attention of the Paper checker.

Practice makes a man perfect –

Practice model Test papers at the time of exam. The more practice you do, the more marks you will get. Get your Answer-sheets checked from the teachers. Work on your weaknesses and try to marginalize them. This practice shall be very helpful for you.

Have faith in yourself –

Inner strength is the major source of success. So always believe in yourself. Always think that you are the winner. Boost your morale yourself. Don’t let the negative thinking that I can’t do this or that enter your mind.

Keep consulting your Teachers –

Teachers are the true guide to their teachers. Keep in touch with them. Their suggestions and guidance is very important for the students to perform better in the exams.

In the end we suggest you that hard work is the only key to success. So believe in it and success will be yours. Best of luck.

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  1. Sir I hv just entered class 10 and I panic a lot about my board exams. It will be too good if you share some tips regarding how to get 90 above in boards, how to get rid of distractions and how to avoid negative thinking and boost inner strength

  2. Thank you very much this was as a source of encouragement for me to perform well in the upcoming ups and downs that we students have to face ahead. Thanks a lot.

  3. Many times our marks depends on the examiner (the way he checks papers )

  4. In which situation we read for merrit topper list and which qualities become in our selves to prove our own tallent

  5. Sir
    I have completed my all subjects
    And every night i thinking what to read. I am simply Reading the same thing again and again.
    Tell me the smart way to the read.

    • Now don’t revise the same material over and again. It will make the preparation dull. Just do sample papers/ revision papers/ guess papers on regular basis.

  6. How to 90%marks to bihar bord exam

    • Hard work, strategy, smart work will help you get this score. Complete your syllabus as soon as possible and start revising it. Do more and more practice sets. Make sure that you have impressive hand writing.

  7. sir ji school main tho teachers hi nhi haa tho kis test ki tyaari kare kisi national level ki tho chodo school k test bhi hi naa pass honge (UT) or fir ayega 0001 vip result ayega hamara fir collage ma kya ?????? addmission milega

  8. Please tell me idea for learn chemistry , for me its very difficult

    • There is nothing difficult in the world. Start taking interest in Chemistry. Read the concept over and again till you start understanding it. Do some writing practice. Clear the concepts with the help of teachers. Always believe – Practice makes a man perfect.

  9. Can anyone tell me the marks system of ISC board? I mean to say suppose a question comes of 3 to 5 marks in English then how much or how much #pages we have to write?

  10. Is it good idea?
    Plz tel me

  11. Education is very interesting without exam.

  12. plz give me board exam fully information

    • wait a bit and visit us regularly for the updates.

  13. Plzzz…..anybody tell me …..
    I think board exam will be canceled due to panchayati election….
    If board exam are held in march of 1st and 2nd sem. Together… Then there is a lot of loss of students

    • The exam would not held in march because
      It is a great loss of student of all classess


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