CBSE, HBSE 12th English Important Questions

Download Some Important Questions from 12th Class English Syllabus/ Practice Set For CBSE and Haryana Board Students Students

Summer vacation is over and the schools have opened once again. Now the syllabus for all the classes is going on in full swing. The main focus is on the completion of the syllabus with a view of getting more time for revision at the time of exams.

Especially the students of Board classes are more worried about their syllabus. Most of the students are in constant search of the important questions for the Board classes so that using less energy they can get better results.

Here we have made some efforts of producing some expected questions of 12th English. We hope you shall be benefited from this list of important questions prepared by our team of experts.

CBSE 12th English Guess Paper

English Practice Paper for 2019 12th Exam

12th Chemistry important Questions

Some Important Questions from Flamingo –

  1. The Mother Tongue is the pride for the Native People. How does the story prove this point ?
  2. Describe Seemapuri.
  3. Why has Ferozabad a symbol of Exploitation and Oppression for the children and adults ? Describe.
  4. Describe the incident that has filled Douglas’ mind with fear ? How did he remove that fear ?
  5. How did the Rattrap Peddler respond to the hospitality shown by the Old Crofter and Iron-master’s Daughter Edla ?
  6. Describe the Champaran Episode from the story Indigo. How did this incident influence Gandhi Ji ?
  7. Why did Gandhi Ji chide the lawyers ?
  8. Why was Subbu considered No. 2 at the Gemini Studios ?
  9. Who was the English Poet who had visited the Studios ?
  10. What are the views of various celebrities regarding Interview?
  11. Compare and Contrast between the characters of Sophie and Jensie.
  12. Give a character-sketch of Sophie’s father.
  13. Give the summary of the poem My Mother at Sixty Six.
  14. What is the central idea in the poem An Elementary School Class-room in a Slum ?
  15. Central idea of the poem Keeping Quiet.
  16. What idea is contained in the poem ” A Thing of Beauty “.
  17. Main themes in the poems A Roadside Stand and Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers.

Some Important Topics for 12th Class Students –

A Report on Blood Donation Camp, Environemnt Pollution 

  1. How to do Notes-Making
  2. Complete Grammar

Important Essays

  1. Terrorism
  2. Climate Change
  3. Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Supplementary Reader

Q. 1. How did the narrator enter the 3rd Level ?

Q. 2. Describe the world of the 3rd Level reading the story ‘ The 3rd Level ‘.

Q. 3. What is the story behind king’s earning the title of ” Tiger King ” ?

Q. 4. Describe the past, present and future of the earth.

Q. 5. What message does the story ” The Enemy ” give to its readers ?

Q. 6. Prepare the brief summary of the story ” Should Wizard Hit Mummy “.

Q. 7. What does the story ” On the Face of It ” teach to the students ?

Q. 8. How did Evans escape for Fourth Time ?

Q. 9. Describe the first day of Zitkala Sa in her new school.

Q. 10. How has the writer projected the evil of “ Untouchability ” via second part of ” Memories of Childhood ” ?

We’ll add some more questions consulting the teachers. If you have some important questions of 12 English for Board Exams, please share with us.


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