Notes Making – How to make notes for Board Exams ?

Notes-Making is one of the types of Comprehension. This topic is included in the  curriculum of 11th and 12th classes. The purpose of including this topic is to check the comprehension power of the students and the ability to make notes on the basis of that comprehension. Notes MakingSo the first and foremost rule of doing this notes-making topic is to understand the passage given. Here we are providing you some of the rules for making notes. After making notes we shall write down a summary and then give a title to that summary.

Sample Passage for Notes Making –

Television is one of the wonders of Modern World. It has become a part and parcel of everybody’s life. There is no home where there is no TV. Watching TV has a no of advantages and disadvantages. First of all we shall discuss the advantages of watching TV.

The first advantage is that it is a great source of entertainment. We can watch movies, serials, reality shows etc. It also provides very useful information via News and other channels like Geography Channel, Animal Planet etc. We come to know about what is happening in our surrounding through TV.

Besides advantages, there are many disadvantages of watching TV. The first disadvantage is that it has a worst impact on the mentality of the people, especially the students. There are programmes full of violence, sex etc. It also affects the eyes of the viewers. Watching TV in great extent is also a wastage of time.

Now on the basis of this passage, we shall prepare notes.

Rules for Notes – Making for 11th and 12th classes

Step 1 – First of all make abbreviation of the big and important words in a box-

Abbreviation  Used-

Television – TV

Advantage – Adv

Disadvantage – D.adv

Three or four words are sufficient for abbreviation.

Then start preparing notes by giving headings and sub-headings :

Notes :-

1. Adv of watching TV –

     a. source of entertainment

     b. source of information

2. D.adv

     a. Bad impact on the mentality

     b. bad effect on eyes

     c. wastage of time

Note – There is no need of grammar while making notes. Only your point must be clear. Secondly, you must use abbreviation in the notes. Thirdly the sub-headings must written towards the right side, not immediately below the main heading.

Summary – ( In summary you have to complete these incomplete sentences with correct grammar, but abbreviation shall not be used in it.)

There are many advantages of watching television. The first advantage is that it is a source of entertainment. It also provides us useful information. Watching TV also has disadvantages. It has bad impact on our eyes. Watching TV also has bad impact on the mentality of the people. It is also a wastage of time. ( Summary must be one third of the whole passage.)

Title – ( Title should be terse)

Role of Television or Advantage and Disadvantage of Watching TV

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