HBSE 12th English Grammar Practice Set with Solution

This article is meant for the students of Haryana Board of 12th class ( English Subject ). Students take Final / Supplementary / Compartment Exams every year. To face such exams, they need to have some help in the form of Practice Sets. In this article, we are giving you a practice set of English Subject( especially of Grammar Portion  ). This is the paper solution of 2019 March Final Exam. It may be helpful for all the students.

Note – Remember that there are most reappears/ compartments in English Subjects.

Grammar Portion of English Paper 2019 –  2020 with Solution –

Q. 1 Attempt any two from each  of sub-part –

a. Change the form of narration –

Answers – i. The father told his son, Mohan to lie down.

ii. The child asked his mummy what he should tell him.

iii. He said that he did Yogasana daily.

3. b. Supply articles wherever necessary –

i The sky has no limits.

ii. He is admitted to No Article hospital.

iii. This ring is made of No Article gold.

Solved Seen ( From English Reader ) Passages for HBSE March Exam

Haryana Board 12th English Grammar Practice Set with Complete Solution

3. c. Use of the modals –

i. May our king live !

ii. Make haste lest you should get late.

iii. My friend did not help me though he could have helped.

3.d. Change the voice –

i There is nothing to lose.

Answer – There is nothing to be lost.

ii. Shall I cut the fruit ?

Answer – Will the fruit be eaten by me ?

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iii. The fruit is sweet when tasted.

3. e. Correct form of verbs –

i. I or he is to be rewarded.

ii. Many an accident has recently taken place.

iii. No student and no teacher was present.

Another Set of 2019 March English Solution

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