Comprehension Practice Sets for HBSE 12th Class

Here in this blog, we are providing practice sets of comprehension (  Seen passages ) for the students of Class 12th especially of Haryana Board ( HBSE ).

This blog contains 2 very important passages following with relevant questions and solution.

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow –

Comprehension No 1

I remember a story a man from Udipi once told me. As a young boy, he would go to school past an old temple where his father was a priest. He would stop briefly at the temple and pray for a pair of shoes. Thirty years later, I visited his town and the temple, which was now drowned in an air of desolation. In the backyard, where lived the new priest, there were red and white plastic chairs.

A young boy dressed in a grey uniform, wearing socks and shoes, arrived panting and threw his school bag a folding bed. Looking at the boy, I remembered the prayer another boy had made to the goddess when he finally had got a pair of shoes, ” Let me never lose them. ” The goddess had granted his prayer. Young boys like the son of the priest now wore shoes. But many others like the rag-pickers in my neighborhood remain shoe-less.

Questions –

Q. 1 Name the lesson and its author.

Q. 2What was the young boy’s father ?

Q. 3 Who is ‘ I’ in the first line of the passage ?

Q. 4. What did the boy pray for ?

Q. 5. Find from the passage words which mean the same as : –

(i ) ruin ( ii ) breathing heavily

Prepare complete English Grammar from here.

Solution – 1. Lost Spring, Anees Jung 2. Priest 3. Writer 4. For Shoes 5. ruin – desolation, breathing heavily – panting

Comprehension for 12th HBSE – Passage No 2

Q. 1 After dark she walked by the canal, along a sheltered path lighted only by the glare of the lamps from the wharf across the water and the unceasing drone of the city was muffled and distant. It was a place, she had often played in when she was a child.

There was a wooden bench beneath a solitary elm where lovers sometimes came. She sat down to wait. It was the perfect place, she had always thought so, for a meeting of this kind. For those who wished not to be observed. She knew he would approve.

Questions –

Q 1 Who is the writer of this story ?

Q. 2 What did Sophie do after dark ?

Q. 3. Who used to visit that place sometimes ?

Q. 4. What was there beneath a solitary elm ?

Q. 5. Who is ‘ he ‘ in the last line of this passage ?

Solution – 1. AR Barton 2. she walked by  the canal 3. lovers 4. wooden bench 5. Danny Casey

Important Material for HBSE 12th class

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