Haryana General Knowledge ( GK ) Paper – 1

These days the youngsters in Haryana are quite occupied in preparing for the Recruitment Exams by HSSC and HPSC for various posts in various departments. The Exam Pattern and Syllabus for all the exams held by Haryana Staff Selection Commission

Practice Sets for If Clause with Rules & Solution for English Learners

English Learners must know the proper use of If Clause/ Sentences  in their day-to-day conversation. If adverbial conditional clause has three parts – Probable Conditional Clause Improbable Conditional Clause Impossible Conditional Clause We have already discussed Rules regarding If Adverbial

Reasoning Practice Paper 6 for IBPS, SSC, HSSC Exams

We have already provided a few papers on Reasoning for the examinees of various exams. IBPS, SSC, Railway Recruitment Board, States’ Commissions keep taking Written Tests on regular basis. Reasoning is one of the chief components here. Reasoning requires less

Common Errors Practice Set 3 for SSC, Banking, Railway Exams

There are at least 5 to 10 Questions in English Portion regarding the Spotting of Errors in SSC/Banking/ Railway exams. These Sentences contain errors related with Grammar. Therefore Grammar is the prerequisite for doing this topic called Common Errors. This

Partnership – Rules and Practice Set for Maths Preparation

Questions on Partnership – Improve your Arithmetic – Check Rules and Practice Sets Definition of Partnership – A partnership is an association of two or more persons in to some business by putting their money together. The Partnership is of

Questions on Time & Distance – Maths Practice Set

There are two or three questions on Time and Distance in any of the competitive exams. Math is a compulsory part of any of the exams by SSC/IBPS/States’ Boards and Commissions. So here is one practice set for Time and

Determiners Practice Set 1- Important Sentences

In the previous post of ours, we had told you about the Usage of Determiners along with their types and examples. Read the Usage of Determiners from here. In this post we shall provide you the Practice Set for Determiners.

English Paper for HSSC, SSC CGL Exams – Practice Set 4

We are determined to provide more and more Practice sets for Exams by SSC, HSSC and other exam conducting authorities. This is the English Paper that will give you ample knowledge of the subject for the upcoming exams. English Paper

Check Reasoning Ability – Practice Set 5

If you are the students of SSC CGL or Combined Higher Secondary Level exam or IBPS Banking Exam for Clerks and Probationary Officers and want more and more practice sets, you are at the right website. We are providing as

Practice Set for Idiom and Phrases – 1

We have already published one post related with Idioms and Phrases. Now we are publishing the Practice Set 1 for those preparing for the Competitive exams  and Recruitment Exams. Idioms and Phrases are also important for improving and decorating English

HSSC Exams English Paper – Practice Set

There are 10 to 12 English Questions in all the Exam held by HSSC. So English plays an important part in deciding the Cut Off for all the Recruitment Exams. Therefore there is the need of doing a lot of

Common Errors Practice Set 2 with Solution

The Topic of Common Errors is very important topic of English language from competitive exams’ point of view. We have already provided you much practice of Common Errors for various topics. Now you must check the miscellaneous sentences from all

Practice Set for Time and Work – Check Your Preparation

Time and Work is an important topic of mathematics for all Competitive Exams. You can certainly find a no of questions in all of them. So without wasting any moment, check you preparation regarding with Time and Work topic. Practice

Practice Set for Preposition – Paper Set 1

Preposition is one of the most important part of Competitive English. In order to get hold over this topic, you need to do a lot of practice. You need to learn use of Prepositions and then undergo a lot of

Cloze Test – How to do practice for Cloze Test ?

Cloze Test is one of newly added topics in Competitive English. Students find is hard to do this topic due to lack of practice. First of all it is important to know what Cloze Test is. It is a test

Practice Set for Tense / Verbs – Question Paper -1

This page is completely dedicated to the Practice of Verbs/ Tenses. We have already provided you the use of Tenses. You can see this usage of Tense here. Now we are providing you some Practice opportunity by providing Tense/ Verb