Practice Set for English NET/ Written Tests ( English Literature )

This is yet another practice set for the preparation for UGC NET. Dear readers, there is a lot of need of doing practice sets of English Literature if you want to crack this exam. So here one more for you –

Q. In which novel of Tom Bowling is Smollett a character ?

Answer – Roderick Random

Q. About how many lives Dr Johnson has written in his novel ‘ Lives of the Poets ‘ ?

Answer -Fifty Two

Q. Who had said ” As civilization advances, poetry almost necessarily declines ‘ ?

Answer – Roussaeau

Q. Who had made the following statement ” God made the country and  man made the town ” ?

Answer – William Cowper

Q. What was ‘The Beggar’s Opera ?

Answer – Burtesque

Q. Who has written ‘Art Poetica ?

Answer – Horace

Practice Set for English NET/ Written / Screening Exams with solution

Q. Of which novel of Smollet, Mathew Bramble is a character ?

Answer – Humphry Clinker

Q. Which type of movement is ‘Methodism’ ?

Answer – Religious

Q. Who gave a blow to the ‘ Divine Right Theory ‘?

Answer – Rousseau

Q. The first periodical a manuscript newspaper was –

Answer – Gazette

Q. Who led ‘ French Revolution ‘?

Answer – Rousseau

Q. Who was written ‘ The Marriage of Heaven ‘?

Answer – Blake

Q. – To whom was the term ‘ Augustas ‘ first applied ?

Answer – Dryden

Q. Who used this term for Dryden ?

Answer – Johnson

Q.  Who is known as ‘ Ploughman Poet ‘ ?

Answer – Burns

Q. Who is a ” Papist ”  ?

Answer – Roman Catholic

Q. Who led ‘ Methodism Movement ‘ ?

Answer – Robert Bowle

Q. Whom did Pope imitate ?

Answer – Horace

Q. In which year ‘ Daily Universal Register ‘ start ?

Answer – 1785

Q. What is John Gray’s ‘ Black Eyed Susan ‘ ?

Answer – Ballad

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