Biggest, highest and tallest of the World

It is quite interesting to know which the biggest, highest and tallest things of the world are. They are also important to know as there are a couple of questions related with them in all the Competitive Exams. Check some of the important questions related with the said information.

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World’s Biggest, Highest, Tallest and Largest things –

Biggest continent of the world – Asia

Smallest continent is Australia

The biggest ocean of the world is Pacific Ocean whereas the smallest one is Arctic Ocean.

The highest plateau is Pamir.

The longest mountain series of the world is Andes.

The highest mountain peak is Mt Everest.

The biggest port of the world is New York.

The biggest desert is Sahara ( Africa ).

The biggest country area-wise is Russia and population-wise it is China.

The longest river of the world is Neil River of Africa whereas the biggest river is Amazon that flows in South America.

The biggest temple is the temple of Angkor Wat situated in Cambodia.

The biggest lake of brackish water is Caspian Sea and that of Fresh water is Superior Lake ( North America ).

The deepest lake of the world is Baikal Lake.

The biggest delta of the world is Sundarban Delta.

World’s Biggest, Largest and Highest

The most populated country of the world is Mexico City.

The biggest Railway Station of the world is Grand Central Terminal, New York whereas the longest platform is Kharagpur in West Bengal .

The highest water Falls of the world is Angel in Venezuela.

The coldest place of the world – Vostok Station in Antartica

The hottest town of the world is Al Aziziya in Lebia .

The highest minaret is Qutab Minar ( New Delhi ).

The biggest statue of the world is Statue of Liberty ( USA ) – It is the Statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel inaugurated by PM Narender Modi on Oct 31st 2018 ( Gujarat ) on the 143 birth anniversary of this legend.

The biggest river is Suez river in Egypt.

The biggest bird is Ostrich where is the smallest one is Hummingbird.

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  1. Biggest statue is statue of ballav bhai patel at gujarat. Correction please

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