Rakhigarhi ( Haryana ) and Harappan Connection – Read details

Rakhigarhi ( Hisar District) in Haryana is famous for its clear relations with one of the oldest and most flourishing civilization called Harappan Civilization. The work of excavation by ASI ( Archeological Survey of India ) is on. Every day new facts are being revealed by the teams of archeologists.

They have now revealed that more than 50,000 population used to live in the Harappan Township in Rahkigarhi village. There is also another astonishing fact that around 14 generations of Harappans would live here before they had to migrate due to various calamities such as drought and acute shortage of water.

The site discovered in Rakhigarhi spreads over 550 hectares. The whole site has been divided in to two parts – 1. citadel town and 2. lower town. The first one was for the prominent and rich people of the town and the second one was for the common people. The main activities such as agriculture, manufacturing, trade and other activities would take at the lower town.

Know Something about Rakhigarhi( Haryana )

There was such a big population here. It is clear from the remains of manufacturing and trade activities. Some of the piles of the remains are as high as 22 metres. The archeologists working here have also revealed that Saraswati’s distributory Drishadwadi river would pass through the region during the time of Indus Valley Civilization. Due to this distributory, there was much prosperity  in the region.

Archeologists hope that this civilization could have been 7,000 years old.

Important facts based on the Given Information –

  • Population believed to live at Rakhigarhi located Harappa Civilization site – Around 50,000
  • Total area covered – Five hundred and fifty hectares
  • Town had two parts parts – Citadel Town and Lower Town
  • Drishadwati, a distributory of Saraswati river, believed to have flown from here.

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