Use of conjunctions – Practice sets with solutions

We are providing you two exercises of Conjunctions with solutions. They may help you learning the rules of Conjunctions.

Fill in the blanks with correct conjunctions given in brackets :

1. You will pass………you work hard. (but/if/so)

Ans. if

2. ………Sita was working, Gita was looking out. (while/and/because)

Ans. While

3. ………Ram nor Shyam is a liar.  (either/neither/but)

Ans. Neither

4. Radha is tall………Anuradha is short. (so/ because/but)

Ans. but

5. There are twenty boys………ten girls in this class. (while/so/and)

Ans. and

Learn rules of conjunction with practice set

6. He gave the poor beggar money………food. (because/and/so)

Ans. and

7. Give me a cup of coffee………tea. (either/neither/or)

Ans. or

8. He is very rich………he is not happy. (yet/so/because)

Ans. yet

9.He came late………he was fined. (so/because/either)

Ans. so

10. Neither Mohan………Sohan has come. (but/nor/as)

Ans. nor

Rewrite each pair of sentences by using ‘because’,’and’,’but’,’or’,’else’,’otherwise’,’and ‘unless’:

1. You must walk fast. You will not rich the station.

Ans. You must walk fast otherwise you will not rich the station.

2. Rina is a girl. Tony is a boy.

Ans. Rina is a girl but Tony is a boy.

3. Kinjal is studying. Hardeep is watching cartoons.

Ans. Kinjal is studying but Hardeep is watching cartoons.

4. Find the key. You will be standing out.

Ans. Find the key otherwise you will be stand out.

5. Lock the door. Robbers will break into the house.

Ans. Lock the door otherwise robbers will break into the house.

6. Study seriously. You will not get promotion.

Ans. Unless you study seriously, you will not get promotion.

7. Take exercise regularly. You will not keep fit.

Ans. Take exercise regularly or you will not keep fit.

8. Put the alarm. You will not wake on time.

Ans. Put the alarm else you will not wake on time.

9. Rama sells fruits. She sells vegetables.

Ans. Rama sells fruits and she sells vegetables.

10. I like my parents. They encourage me.

Ans. I like my parents because they encourage me.

We shall provide you more practice sets regarding the Conjunctions later. So keep coming.

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