Conjunction and its use for Competitive Exams

Conjunctions or Linkers are very useful in English. It is imperative for an English Learner to have complete knowledge of their usage in a sentence. The candidates can get command over the Conjunctions through constant practice. Below we are providing

Use of conjunctions – Practice sets with solutions

We are providing you two exercises of Conjunctions with solutions. They may help you learning the rules of Conjunctions. Fill in the blanks with correct conjunctions given in brackets : 1. You will pass………you work hard. (but/if/so) Ans. if 2.

Translation Practice Set of Conjunction – From Hindi to English

Prepare Practice Set ( Conjunction ) – Translation from Hindi to English – Important for English Learners – Useful Links for the Students Translation From Hindi to English ( Conjunction ) a. क्योंकि वह आ रहा था , हमनें फिल्म