Translation Practice Set of Conjunction – From Hindi to English

Prepare Practice Set ( Conjunction ) – Translation from Hindi to English – Important for English Learners – Useful Links for the Students

Translation From Hindi to English ( Conjunction )

a. क्योंकि वह आ रहा था , हमनें फिल्म देखी ।  – As he was coming, we watched the movie.

b. जैसे ही राम यहाँ पहुंचा, अँधेरा हो गया।  – As soon as Ram reached here, it got dark.

c. जॉन क्रिकेट खेल रहा था जब कि उसका भाई फुटबॉल खेल रहा था।  – John was playing cricket while his brother was playing football.

d. जब से वह दिल्ली आया है, मुझसे एक बार भी नहीं मिला है।  – He has not met me even once since he came to Delhi.

e. वे दो घंटे से टी. वी देख रहें हैं।  – They have been watching T. V. for two hours.

f. वह यह किताब पढ़ना पसंद करेगी।  – She would like to read this book.

g. यद्यपि सीता ने मेहनत नहीं की फिर भी वह पास हो गयी।  – Although Sita did not work hard, she passed. Or Though Sita did not work hard, she passed.

h. रूद्र या तो श्रेया को पसंद करेगा या किंजल को।  – Rudra will like either Shreya or Kinjal.

i. जोसेफ न तो खीर खायेगा न हलवा।  – Joseph will eat neither kheer nor halwa.

j. तेज़ चलो वरना बस छूट जाएगी।  -Walk fast otherwise/or you will miss the bus.

k. मैं वहां गया लेकिन उनसे नहीं मिला।  – I went there but did not meet them.

l. उन्होंने हमें बताया कि सूरज पूर्व में उगता है।  – They told us that the Sun rises in the east.

m. रवि उसे और उसके भाई को जानता है।  – Ravi knows him and his brother.

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