Practice Set for Common Errors in the use of Adverbs

We are providing you Practice Set to find Common Errors ( Adverbs ) in the given Sentence. This Practice set total depends on the use of Adverbs- Q. She comes lately every day. Ans. She comes late every day. Q.

Translation Practice Set - From English to Hindi

Read Translation Practice Set - From English to Hindi - Important Sentences They shouldn't do errors again and again. उन्हें बार- बार गलतियां नहीं करनी चाहिऐ । Now and again, an intelligent person takes birth. महान व्यक्ति कभी - कभार

English Meaning of Important Indian Words ( Sweets )

In this article, you will find the English version of some Hindi ( Indian ) sweets, snacks etc. So far we have used them as they are while speaking in English. It is all correct. However, we must also know

Translation Practice Set for English Learner

This is another article with important sentences of daily use. Here we have translated these sentences from English to Hindi. These are based on day-to-day conversation. Check them - English to Hindi Translation - He is vomiting. He is suffering