Translation Related with W-H ( Who, What etc ) Family Part-2

Prepare Translation Practice Set related with W-H family – Part 2 – Important Sentences for all the candidates – Useful links on this page

Translation Practice Set Part – 2 related with W- H Family like Who, What, Where etc.

तुम स्कूल कब जाते हो ? – When do you go to school ?

वह रात को कब सोती है ? – When does she go to bed at night ?

वे शोर क्यों कर रहें हैं ?- Why are they making a noise ?

माइक पर कौन बोल सकता है ? – Who can speak on the mike ?

तुम्हारा भाई क्या करता है ?- What is your brother ? or What does your brother do ?

कंप्यूटर कौन चला रहा था ? – Who was operating the computer ?

वे उस समय क्या कर रहे थे ? – What were they doing that time ?

तुम पंखा कैसे चलाओगे ? – How will you switch on the fan ?

तुम मेरे लिए दूध कहाँ से लाओगे ? – Where will you bring milk for me ?

वह किस डॉक्टर के गयी थी ? – Which doctor had she gone to ?

बारिश कहाँ आ रही थी ? – Where was it raining ?

वे क्या कर रहे होंगे ? – What will they be doing ?

W-H Family related Translation Practice Set

Useful Practice Set for English Learners

वह क्यों हंस रही थी ? – Why was she laughing ?

तुम अमेरिका क्यों जाओगे ? – Why will you go to America ?

वह ऊपर क्या कर रहा है ? – What is he doing upstairs ?

वे कहाँ सो रहे होंगे ? – Where will they be sleeping ?

वह हर रोज मस्जिद क्यों जाती है ? – Why does she go to mosque every day ?

वे दोपहर का खाना कब खाते है ? –  When do they have their lunch ?

Note – With breakfast, lunch, dinner etc., we must not use eat.

वह उस समय क्या पढ़ रही थी ? – What was she studying that time ?

रूद्र कोचिंग कहाँ से ले रहा होगा ? – Where will Rudra be taking coaching from ?

If any of our readers has sentences related with W-H family, he/she can make us add those sentences using given platform below.

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