Computer GK Questions RSCIT in Hindi, English – Sample Paper

RKCL holds RSCIT every year for the students from Rajasthan. This is a Computer based test. To clear this test, the candidates must have basic knowledge of Computer. With a little preparation, the students can clear this test.

Read RSCIT Computer GK QuestionsTo help the examinees clear this test, we have prepared some very expected questions on Computer. To facilitate learning and imbibing these questions, we have provided them in both Hindi and English. This is a quality selection and we hope you shall find most of them in your upcoming exams i.e. RSCIT and other competitive exams.

RSCIT Computer General Knowledge Questions –

Q. What is the full form of CAD ?

Answer – Computer Aided Design

Q. CAM stands for ? (CAM का पूरा अर्थ क्या है ?)

Answer – Computer Aided Manufacturing

Q. Which Computer virus first seen in India ? ( प्रथम कंप्यूटर वायरस जो भारत में दिखाई दिया ?)

Answer – c Brain

Q. Which is the first Computer virus for MS-DOS ?

Answer – c Brain

Q. सी ब्रेन प्रथम बार अपने मौलिक रूप में कब जारी हुआ ?

Answer – January 1986

Q. What is Oracle ?

Answer – This is a database software

Q. First Computer Network of the world is …

Answer – ARPANET

Q. What do we call directory within directory ?

Answer – Sub-directory

Q. रीबूटिंग क्या  होती है ? ( What is Rebooting?)

Answer – पहले से चल रहे कंप्यूटर को रीस्टार्ट करना ( To restart the already on Computer )

Q. What do we call the data computer receives ?

Answer – Input

Q. सी पी यू क्या है ? ( What is CPU )

Answer – कंप्यूटर का  नियंत्रक भाग

Q. What is CRAY ?

Answer – Super Computer

Q. पावर एंड ड्रा डिवाइस का सम्बन्ध है -( Power and Draw device has connection with ..)

Answer – माउस से ( With Mouse)

RSCIT Computer GK Important Questions – Practice Sets

Q. What is the example DVD of ?

Answer – Optical Disc

Q. How many types of scroll bar are there in Notepad ? (नोटपैड में स्क्रोलबार के प्रकार)

Answer – Two

Q. What is the extension name of Notepad file ? ( नोटपैड फाइल का एक्सटेंशन नाम)

Answer – .txt

Q. The first man made calculating machine ?

Answer – Abacus

Q. What is the use of HTML ?

Answer – To create web pages ( वेब पेजेज का निर्माण करना )

Q. What is the use of Joystick ?

Answer – to play games

Q. What is Linux ?

Answer – An operating system

Q. Which bar shows the information of contents ? (कौन सा बार कंटेंट्स की जानकारी प्रदर्शित करता है ? )

Answer – Menu bar

Q. What is GUI ?

Answer – Graphical User Interface, one of the user friendly interfaces.

Q. What is the full form of CD-RW ?

Answer – Compact Disc ReWritable

Q. Position of Status bar ?

Answer – bottom

Q. What is the span of first generation computer ? ( प्रथम पीढ़ी कंप्यूटर की अवधि )

Answer – from 1942 to 1955

Q. कंप्यूटर जनरेशन क्या है ?

Answer – कंप्यूटर का विकास क्रम

Q. Which generation is IBM 160 connected ?

Answer – Second Generation

Q. IC का प्रयोग कौन सी पीढ़ी में शुरू हुआ ?

Answer – Third Generation

Q. When did Fourth Generation of Computers begin from ? ( चौथी पीढ़ी कब से शुरू हुई ?)

Answer – From 1975

Q. Name of the first made in India computer ?

Answer – Sidharth

Q. Who has developed integrated circuit chip ?

Answer – J.S. Kilby

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