Computer – A Great Invention of Modern Age – An Essay

Role of Computer in Modern Life/ A Great Invention Called Computer – A Short Essay

My interaction with you has become possible just because of a computer. Undoubtedly, computers are the one of the most important inventions of today’s life. Computer is called the best brain of the world.

That’s why the intelligent people are likened with the computers. Look at some of the phrases – He is as intelligent as a computer. Are you a computer ? and so on.

What is a computer ?

It’s an electronic device that helps in many works such as doing calculations, programming, storing date and so on. For various purposes, it has been moulded  variously.In medical field, we have CT Scan, MRI Machines etc. It is linked with the Aeroplanes and Trains for GPS purposes. So it’s functions are unlimited.

Check Various functions done by a Computer –

Computer is machine that has capacity of doing work of around 8-10 people. This machine is used in various sectors to enhance the speed and efficiency at the work place. It has brought revolution in various fields such as banking sector, educational institutions, medical lines, aviation sector etc.

In the banking sector, computer has done a tremendous work. The invention of Internet has increased the importance of computer. All types of money transactions can be done on computer. Online banking is one of the latest facilities.

Computer – An Essay

In the same way, Railway Stations, Air Ports and other important organizations have been computerized.
In schools and colleges, the libraries have been attached with computers. Due to computers, it has become very easy to manage any big organization.

There are many programmes on computers which have made the life easier at the work place. Such programmes are MS Office, MS Word, Word Power, Excel besides many computer languages.

As we have told you earlier, it attached with internet, it becomes a wonderful machine. You can watch movies, listen to songs, check results and so on. Laptops are the latest version of the computers. Computers are being updated as per the requirement of the people and age.

There are people who criticize the excessive use of computers. They claim that excessive use of computers has rendered millions of people jobless all over the world.

Another claim is that computers have made the people lazy and mentally and physically sick.

So computer is a boon for the modern world. But if it is misused it becomes bane as well.

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