How can students get rid of specs – Some Tips

These days there is a lot of burden of studies over the students. They have to study for hours at a stretch to compete their rivals. As a result, they suffer from very poor health.

The worse thing is that they don’t have physical work these days. It is their eyes that suffer more.

Every time the eyes are fixed in the studies. They don’t a moment’s respite. Even in the hours of rest, the burden is on the eyes because TV and Video-games have become very popular pastimes these days. So no mental and eye-rest. As a result, the students have to wear specs earlier in their lives.

With the passage of years, the no of specs increase dramatically. Without specs, they are unable to read and even see. We have already told you the reasons.

Now it’s time to tell the cures. First of all read some of the tips that can help you avoid specs in this early stage of life.

Tips to avoid specs during student-life

Don’t overuse your eyes –

Due to cut-throat competition, the students keep studying from early morning till late hours during night. They give long sitting in one stretch. It causes strains on their eyes. Even they forget to relax their eyes in between. So it is better to have a break from studies after every 30 to 40 minutes.

In this break close your eyes with palms of your hands on them. This exercise must be done for at least 5 minutes.

Wash your eyes during mornings and nights –

It is advisable to wash your eyes during nights and mornings with fresh cold water. It is a good remedy. Cold water will instantly remove the tiredness of the eyes. It will also remove the dirt of the eyes. Eyes will remain fresh all the day. Such practice shall increase the beauty of the eyes.

Cover the eyes with pieces of cucumber –

It can also be a great exercise. The pieces of cucumber provide great comfort. You will feel relaxed and eyes refreshed.

Do eyes related exercise also. The first exercise is to roll the eyes towards right and left and then up and down many times. It should be done at least 7 to 8 times. Another effective exercise is to gaze a point at least 20 feet away and count up to 20 without winking. After a few days, you shall see the results.

Avoid TV/ Video-games after hard studies –

After doing studies for hours at a stretch, your eyes need rest. You need to close them for a while. But students prefer TV/ Video-games or Internet to relax themselves. Such activities will have adverse impact on eyes. They start watering due to much strain and you will have wear specs. So prefer rest and on-ground games to TV and Video-games.

If you follow such steps, you will not to put on specs throughout your life. If you wear specs and also follow such steps regularly, your specs shall be removed surely after a few months or the no of specs shall not increase. There are also some effective medicines in the market.

We have come across one medicine about which people have good opinion. And that medicine is Pitanjali’s Divya Drishti. People claim that this medicine has help them remove specs within two or three months.

If the readers have some more suggestions/ effective methods for the proper care of eyes that can help in removing specs, they can give them in the comment box below. We shall certainly add them to our posts. Thanks.

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