Water Scarcity – Save Water, Conserve Water

An Essay on Water Scarcity in India – Problem, Reasons and Solution – Save Water, Conserve Water

Water is the most essential element for our survival on the earth. We can’t imagine our life without water. But now-a-days we see a no of news reports on TV, read them in the news paper about the acute shortage of water in various parts of our country. People can be seen in long queues before the water tanks for their turns for a bucket of water. Ladies are seen covering long distances to reach the dried up wells and ponds for water. There are cracks in the land owing to severe drought and taken the form of famine. Every body is waiting for life-giving rain.

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But who is responsible for this miserable condition? None but us – we the insane human beings. WE are used to wasting water in various ways. From doing teeth brush to washing cars, from taking bath to giving plants in water or washing houses, we don’t imagine how much precious water is being wasted. Why to brush your teeth with the running water? Can’t you take water in a mug for washing your mouth or gargling? Now – a-days one more thing has been invented to waste water and that is RO. A lot of water is wasted when it is filtered. There is no system to save the waste water.

Consequently, we are facing this unprecedented situation. People are dying in dearth of water. Crops are drying up. There is only one hope and that is from the sky. Can’t we human beings who are the real culprit do anything? Yes, we can.

Water Conservation is the need of the hour –

The first thing is to improve our habits. Don’t waste water on unnecessary things. If you need to drink half glass of water, take only that quantity and don’t take full glass to throw the other half in to the drain. Don’t take bath under shower. Take a bucket of water and use it and so on.

We, Indians, don’t understand the value of a thing available to us for free. Therefore it is necessary to charge money for water as  in the case of electricity. Only then they can be prevented from using water unnecessarily. Only very poor people and the farmers can be exempted from paying for water.

Now the time has come to conserve water for bad days. During the rainy season, when there is rain in abundance, there are floods, we must devise methods to store that water. That water can be saved for such drought like situations in various states in the country. The scientists and the people must be encouraged to make inventions which can help us to conserve water at lower prices.

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  1. There is a mistake in second line its we can’t emagine our life with water. But it should be “without water”.


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