NET Dec 2013 English Paper 2 with Answers

WE are publishing English Paper 2 of Dec 2013 NET with a hope that it shall be helpful for you in the preparation of National Eligibility Test ( NET ) conducted by CBSE twice once in June and second time in December. Earlier we have published NET 2014 English Paper and NET English Sample Paper. You can also check the complete English Syllabus for your Upcoming NET from here. So without delay get ready to make your mind do the mental exercise by answering the questions below –

NET 2013 Dec English Paper Part 2

Q. __________ is a theological term brought into literary criticism by __________.

Ans – Epiphany, James Joyce

The novel tells the story of twin brothers, Waldo, the man of reason and intellect, and Arthur, the innocent half-wit, the way their lives are inextricably intertwined. Name of novel –

Ans – The Solid Mandala

Q. To whom is GM Hopkins’s Wind-hover dedicated ?

Ans – To Christ our Lord

What is Leopard Bloom in Ulysses –

Ans – A Jewish Advertising Agent

Where does Act 1 Scene 1 of William Congreve’s Way of the World open?

Ans – A Chocolate House

The phrase ” leaves dancing” is an example of ________

Ans – Pathetic Fallacy

Solved NET English Paper

John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger is an example of –

Ans – Kitchen-sink drama

Which character in Jane Eyre uses religion to justify cruelty ?

Ans – Brocklehurst

Which Romantic poet defined a slave as ‘ a person perverted into a thing ?

Ans – ST Coleridge

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Which group does John Suckling belong to ?

Ans – Cavalier Poets

What is Evelyn’s Waugh’s Trilogy published together as Sword of Honour about ?

Ans- The English at War

Which Essay form did Bacon use ?

Ans – The aphoristic expression of accumulated public wisdom

Who had coined the phrase ” The Two Nations” to describe the disparity in Britain between the rich and the poor ?

Ans – Benjamin Disraeli

What is the name of the character of a Traveller whom Sir Thomas More creates and in to whose mouth the account of Utopia is put ?

Ans – Raphael

Which device is Chaucer using when he describes the Friar as a “noble pillar of order” ?

Ans – Irony

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