UGC NET English Paper – Expected Questions

CBSE holds National Eligibility Test every year two times once in June and other time in December. University Grants Commission has fixed norms for the eligibility for the posts of Asst Professors / Sr Lecturers in Colleges and Universities. Every year a large no of candidates having 55 % in the concerned subjects are considered eligible for the taking NET Exam.

NET is just a Qualifying Test. But it is not easy to clear NET of any of the subjects. It requires immense knowledge of the concerned subject. The situation regarding English is more complicated. The candidates need to go through the whole syllabus and then check Question papers to evaluate their performance. One Question Paper for NET English is provided below –

NET English Paper

Q. 1 – Who said,” French is the only modern language fit for literature .”

a. Yeats b. Coleridge c. Synge d. Conrad

Q. 2. Who is the writer of ” The Good Companions ” –

a. Hazlitt b. Chatterton c. J.B Priestly d. AG Garner

3. Who wrote – I must, I will, I can, I ought , I do ?

a. R.B. Sheridan b. Coleridge c. Congreve d. Etherege

4. Who is the writer of the poem ” Vagabond ” ?

a. Ruper Brooke b. Masefield c. Synge d. Macneice

5. When was ” The Wind among the Reeds ” written ?

a. 1899 b. 1897 c. 1893 d. 1896

6. Who wrote ” The Advancement of Learning ” ?

a. Tennyson b. Bacon c. Eliot d. Pope

7. Who wrote ” WE are hollow men ” ?

a. Tennyson b. Bacon c. Eliot d. Pope

8. Elegy is a form of –

a. Reflective Poetry b. Didactic Poetry c. Narrative Poetry d. Dramatic Poetry

9. Gray’s The Progress of Poesy is –

a. A Lyric b. A Ballad c. An Ode d. None of these

10. Prosody is –

a. science of verse forms only b. science of poetic metres only c. science of rhythms only d. All the three

11. How many sonnets had Shakespeare written ?

Answer – 154

12. Total No. of plays contributed by him ?

Answer – 37

13. Who is the writer of the play ‘ Cenci ‘ ?

Answer – PB Shelly

14. From whose pen did the following beautiful line take birth ? – ‘O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind ?’

Answer – PB Shelly

15. Who is the poet of the poem ‘ Who walks in beauty ‘ ?

Answer – Lord Byron

Answers –

1. d  2. c 3. a 4. b 5. a 6. b 7. c 8. a 9. c 10. d

WE shall add some more questions here. So keep coming.

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