NET eligibility should be 50% instead of 55% – Why ? Read

UGC has released the notification for NET 2017. The candidates must have begun the preparation for that. The eligibility for appearing in this exam is 55% for the non-reserved category. Now the moot question is – Can’t this score barrier be lowered to 50% to give a large no of candidates an opportunity to sit in this Test ? What’s the problem in that ? Let’s read whether it will have good impact or adverse one if it happens.

There are almost all the universities of the country which offers PG Programmes in all the subjects. There are a large no of youngsters pursue the PG Courses after their graduation. Those who are to go for the Research Work or enter the teaching field at the higher level are expected to follow some criteria.

They need to clear National Eligibility Test and for that they must have at least 55 % marks in the PG Concerned. But most of the students can’t get these necessary marks for various reasons. Some of the factors are as below :

Reasons as to why there should be 50% Eligibility for NET

Circumstances :

Sometimes due to circumstances, some really good students can’t get good score in the final exam. These circumstances vary from illness to family problems.

Not good performers :

Some students are competent but not the good performers. Throughout the year, they keep giving good performance but in the exam, they get nervous and can’t get good score. Sometimes it happens that they are more intelligent than those who score better.

Crammers give better performance :

It is seen that in most of the subjects, the crammers perform better and outshine the the really good students who can’t cram. Even in the science subjects, the crammers show their talent of getting good marks.So this system encourage cramming not the real learning.

Real learners can’t get good marks in the written exam though some exceptions are every where. If some really good students must have scored better, he must have resorted to cramming, I can bet.

Unnecessary burden:

There is always the burden on the students to get the required marks otherwise they would not be considered eligible for the NET or JRF. Therefore the focus is on getting marks any how, not on the real learning. As a result the real motive of education is defeated and they finish their Post Graduation without knowledge but with the desired score which was their sole aim.


So the UGC must give maximum no of students a chance to sit in this exam. It they have ability they will clear the test and if more and more people apply for the NET, it will also enhance the income of the UGC.

This mentality that only intelligent students can get good marks is myth. In most cases they are crammers,not intelligent people. Intelligent people can’t get good marks if they don’t cram. So this system will only emphasize on the cramming system which is a hazard for the education system and future of the country.

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