Haryana Govt Cancels Harvest Holidays in April

Haryana Govt has taken a good decision to scrap Harvest Holidays ( Fasli Avakash ) in April. The decision was taken with a view to improve the standard of education and also the admissions in the Govt schools.

It was the tradition in this agriculture based state that during the harvest season the govt would announce the holidays for 10 days. The reason behind it was that the most of the teachers and the students belonged to rural background. They had to give the helping hands to their family members in this season. As as a result, both teaching and learning got affected.

But now the conditions have changed. There is much technology used now in farming related work. So there is less need of manual labor. That’s why the govt took this decision to end these holidays.

Reasons behind this move of curtailing the April Holidays

1. Now-a-days a lot of work is done with machinery and other latest technique, thereby decreasing the dependency on the manual work as was the thing in the past. So treading on the old path is not good for the health of the education system.

2. It causes a great losses to Govt schools in terms of admission. The first 20 days of April are of the admissions in all the schools in the state. But govt schools are closed because of the holidays. Therefore, it results in transferring the admissions to private institutions which remain open despite govt’s order.

So this move will help a lot in enhancing the admissions to the govt schools. Besides the teachers will not make excuse that they wouldn’t get the syllabus finished due to lack of time or abundance of holidays.

Even the Teaching fraternity has welcomed his decision of Haryana Board that too many holidays have cost the education in the state. They also think that there was the need to curtail them. If govt wants it can increase the summer holidays when there is scorching heat and no real education is possible.

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