33% Quota for Female Candidates in Delhi Police, UT Police

The Centre has okayed the Thirty Three Per cent quota for the female candidates in Police Department in Delhi and Union Territories. Everybody has welcomed this decision. It was a big decision as the women empowerment is actually incomplete without including the women in the Security Forces.

This decision can be seen as the response against increasing crime against women such as rapes and other cases of molestation. This decision will provide extra strength and confidence to this much deprived entity which claims to be half of the total population.

We expect that this step will help in curbing the crimes against them a lot. This is one of the steps in providing them empowerment. They need equal rights. This is the decision against the age long injustice against them.

Even in the Vedic society they had better life. But during medieval era and post medieval era, their conditions kept getting worse from bad. So this decision  may provide them some opportunity for equal rights for living.

Impact of 33% Reservation –

This reservation will prove a boon in many ways. As per the quota the women will get the Constable and Sub Inspector rank jobs. Even there shall be the provision of reservation for the SC, ST and other category female candidates.

The first impact will be that the women will come out in large nos to join the Police Force. People didn’t consider this department good for the female candidates.

Second the females related issues so far taken insensitively by their male counterparts shall get attention in a responsible way by the Women Cops.

This step will improve the face of the Police Force which is notorious for its rude behavior. So in a way we can say that this a great step in the right direction.

We hope this decision will improve the status of the takers of law and order as well as provide security to the women of the society.

However, my personal view is that reservation of any kind is not good. Providing reservation is the sign of backward country. It is better to sharpen quality and skills among the people rather than luring them with the bait of reservation.

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