How to Prepare for Maths? Some Effective Tips

If you are preparing for PO Exam or Clerical Exam for Banking Sector or you have to undergo SSC CGL Preliminary and Mains, Math will certainly catch your attention. Math is the integral part of each and every exams.

How to Prepare for Maths ?

If you have practiced for it, it is a boon in terms of marks and if you have skipped it or taken it cursorily it will cause you nervous breakdown  and will become a hell. For the Practice of Mathematics, you need to have proper strategy and constant practice.

We are giving you some steps using which you will get enough confidence to go through any of the exams you will take in future.

First of all you must know that Math is very interesting subject. For that you need to do math. Everything in mathematics is logical and accurate. Start math with learning basics. There are four things on which math stand and they are – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division.

Whatever topic you are doing in Math, you will confront at least one of them. Now follow the tips below –

Learn the Table up to 20 or 25 at your finger tips –

In the exams, you need to do calculations and some are very big. You can’t calculate everything on the rough part of the answer sheets and most of the time you are not provided that space.

And secondly, you don’t have time. You have to solve the sum in 50 to 80 seconds. So in order to solve the sums quickly, you need to learn the tables up to 20 or 25.

Prepare BODMAS Rule first of all. It stands for Brackets OF Division, Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction.

Prepare the Rules of Fraction –

There are many sums in which fractions are used. Especially the sums related with Ratio and Proportion and Time and Word etc. In order to do them in the shorter span of time and correctly, you must clear your hands in Fraction Division.

Clear the basics of each and every chapter –

Don’t be in a hurry in doing the syllabus. Give time to Math preparation. Clear the fundamentals behind each topic. Though it will take some time, you will be benefited forever. Learn the rules properly and then come to the exercise.

Use Quicker Formulas –

You have to solve the sum in less than one minute. So you can’t use the traditional methods. Here Quicker Formulas shall be more effective. There are many books in the market for short-cuts. Purchase any of them and start practice.

Do more and more examples –

Practice of examples is must after learning rules. This Practice will help you keep in mind those Rules. It will also provide you confidence also.

Be Acquainted with the Exam Pattern and Nature of Questions –

Before you start preparation, you must know the Exam Pattern. If you start it without knowing the pattern, you are wasting your time. You must know as to how many questions come from which chapter.

Then give due weight-age to that chapter. You will also come to know of the important chapters. Some of the important chapters are – Data Analysis, Numerical, Profit and Loss, Percentage, Mensuration, Time and Work, etc.

Practice of Last Years’ Question Papers along with Sample Papers –

Get last Years’ Question Papers and Sample Papers. They are provided at the end of any of the books related with Math’ Preparation or in Competition Exam Magazines or you can simply download them from the related websites. You must practice at least 50 such papers before the exam.

You can practice One Math Paper from here as well.

Maths Paper Set 2

Practice for LCM and HCF

Sums on Work and Time

Practice Set on Streams

Prepare Practice Set on Time and Distance

Practice Paper on Profit and Loss

So believe that hard work and continuous practice will make Math both Interesting and Simple for you.

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