English Comprehension for Competitive Exams – 5 Tips

If you are preparing for the Competitive Exams such as SSC, Banking, Railways and so on, you will have to confront English language. English language comprises many topics such as Grammar, Vocab and Comprehension. For those who belong to Rajasthan,

Important Exam Tips, Interview Tips, Language Tips, Career Tips

Download all Important Tips related with Exam, Preparation, Interview, English Language, Career from ahead – The students, examinees, learners of the language and others are in constant search for tips. Students need Exam tips for their upcoming exams, interview tips

How to get job in banking sector – Tips, Career Options

We receive queries related with career options on regular basis. And most of them wish to join banking sector. Then they don’t know as to how they can enter the BANKING SECTOR. Here we’re providing you the proper methods to

How can students get rid of specs – Some Tips

These days there is a lot of burden of studies over the students. They have to study for hours at a stretch to compete their rivals. As a result, they suffer from very poor health. The worse thing is that

How to Prepare for Maths? Some Effective Tips

If you are preparing for PO Exam or Clerical Exam for Banking Sector or you have to undergo SSC CGL Preliminary and Mains, Math will certainly catch your attention. Math is the integral part of each and every exams. If

Boost your Confidence – Some Tips

I can’t speak before such a big audience ……… Interview – even the mention of this word makes me shudder and perspire ………… What a great speaker Narendra Modi is ! I wish I could have spoken like him …..

How Can I become Cricket Commentator? Suggestions, Tips

Cricket is a passion in our country. Every body is willing to be a cricketer like Tendulakar, Kohli, Dhoni. But there is a big group of youngsters who wish to follow their dreams as cricket commentators. They have their eyes

How to Introduce Myself in English? Read Some Tips

If you are facing any interview, the first question the interviewer shot at you is – Introduce yourself. That’s why most the candidates who are to face interview keep running from pillar to post to have Perfect Self Introduction. We

How to Prepare for NET English? Some Tips

National Eligibility Test is the much-sought exam for any candidate who aspire to choose the teaching and research as his/her chief calling. NET is the eligibility test conducted by University Grants Commission for the PG candidates who wish to enter

How to Write Precis – Some Important Points

Definition Of a Precis – Précis is a French word. An English word near to it is precise which means an accurate and complete brief of the original. To make Précis of a given sentence, paragraph or passage is to

Success Mantras – Golden Steps for Sure Success

We are living in a world of Cut-throat Competition. Everybody is striving hard to outshine others to get success in the respective field. Getting success has become the only goal for all the people. They are craving to get it

How to write Messages – Tips and Practice Sample

Learn how to prepare messages – For Classes ( 11th ) HBSE/ CBSE in simple English – Tips/ Points for message writing – Sample Conversation ahead – Message is a short composition in which one person gives full information to

Notes Making – How to make notes for Board Exams ?

Notes-Making is one of the types of Comprehension. This topic is included in the  curriculum of 11th and 12th classes. The purpose of including this topic is to check the comprehension power of the students and the ability to make