How to write Messages – Tips and Practice Sample

Learn how to prepare messages – For Classes ( 11th ) HBSE/ CBSE in simple English – Tips/ Points for message writing – Sample Conversation ahead –

Message is a short composition in which one person gives full information to other person. It is written in the letter form.

Prepare the following –

Ranga’s Marriage

Landscape of the Soul

What to do/ What not to do ?

  1. Messages should be exact, clear and short.
  2. They are written in the Indirect Narration
  3. There is no need to write Full Address.
  4. You have to write only Important Points such as Exact Time and Place.
  5. Tense may be any.
  6. At the end of the Message, your name or sign must be there.
  7. As far as salutation is concerned, just write down name or Dear with relations/ known or posts.
  8. At the end, enclose the message in a box.

Now we are providing an example/ sample conversation on the basis of your understanding you have to write a message.

Q. Read the given telephonic conversation between Kinajal and Vansh. Kinjal is about to leave home and can’t talk to her brother, Rudra. As a result, she leaves for him the message. Write down that message for her. ( word limit : 40 )

Vansh : Hello ! I am Vansh. Is Rudra there ?

Kinjal : Hello ! I am Kinjal, Rudra’s sister. He is not here. Please leave him a message. I will pass that to him.

Vansh : I will come your home for studies.

Kinjal : When will you come ?

Vansh : Almost 10:00 am.

Kinjal : Thanks, Vansh. Bye !


Sept 20, 2020                                                                                                                                                 7:00 pm


Your friend Vansh had telephoned us at 5:00 pm today. He will come to home at 10:00 am tomorrow for doing studies. Please receive him.


This is just a format of message writing. Don’t forget to give each and every information, even the minute information. If you find any mistake/ if you want us to add something more, please write to us via comment box below.

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