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Q. – Comment on the influence ( प्रभाव ) of English– the language and the way of life- on Indian life as reflected/ show in the story. What is the narrator’s attitude to English ?

Answer- In this story ” Ranga’s Marriage ” the writer ” Masti Venkatesh Iyengar ”  describes ( वर्णन करना ) the influence ( प्रभाव ) of English on the life of the villagers. The writer says that ten years ago people did not speak English  in the village. There were not many people in his village who knew how to speak English.

The village accountant ( मुनीम / लेखाकार ) was the first who sent his son, Ranga, to the city to study. It was thought that the knowledge of English would change a person. So Ranga’s homecoming after completing his studies was a great incident. ( घटना ).

People went to his doorstep announcing ( तेज कहते हुए ), ” The Accountant’s son has come.” But the times have changed. Now many people in village know English. Educated people mix their Kannada speech with English words. It creates difficulty for the uneducated people. He narrates a story. Rama Rao bought wood from a woman. The writer says that it cost him 4 pice ( currency ).

His son told the woman that he did not have any ‘ change ‘ and asked her to come the next day. The woman did not know the meaning of  ‘ change ‘ and went away whispering ( बुदबुदाते हुए ) to herself.

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Q- What kind of a person do you think the narrator ( कथाकार / कहानी सुनाने वाला ) is ?


Character sketch of the narrator ( कथाकार / कहानी सुनाने वाला ).

Answer- The name of the narrator is Shyama. In the beginning of the story, he says that the title of the story is ‘ Ranga’s Marriage ‘. He says that the description ( जिक्र ) of his village ( Hosahalli ) is not given in any Geography book. However his is the most important village in Mysore. The writer is a clever person.

He talks about the influence ( प्रभाव ) of English language on the life of Villagers. He says that ten years ago there were few people in his village who knew English. But now the things have changed, Many people use English words while speaking in Kannada.

But he says that this causes difficulty for the uneducated people. The writer is a tactful man. He has a love for Ranga, a young man. He will marry Ratna, the niece of his friend Rama Rao. But Ranga is not in mood to marry.

Shyama makes a plan. He asks an astrologer ( ज्योतिषी ) to tell Ranga that Ratna would be a very good wife for him. The astrologer/ Shastri ji ( ज्योतिषी ) says what he is asked to say. Ranga agrees to marry Ratna. Thus the narrator of the story is an interesting man.

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