Education – Syllabus Covering or Learning or Marks

Education is the most civilized tool in the hands of a civilized person. Educated person is respected everywhere in society. That’s why everybody wishes to be educated. For that he goes to educational institutions such as schools, colleges, universities. He takes admission to any of the classes of his choice. Each and every class has its determined syllabus which is to be completed in some fix time. Now the struggle starts here regarding priority – syllabus covering or learning.

Syllabus vs learning

Syllabus vs Learning vs Marks –

The most confusion arises here as what to give priority to finish syllabus or do some learning. No doubt the syllabus is connected with learning. But it is right if the syllabus is not very lengthy. If it is so, the teacher and the taught get involved in covering the syllabus this way or that way. Even if they want learning, they can’t have. The more focus remains on marks and positions. Learning is left much behind. Everybody – teachers, students, parents and schools wish to get the syllabus over

What do the students think about it ?

Students need success means marks, admissions to good institutes and then good jobs. For getting good marks, they want their syllabus to be finished in a very little time. Unfortunately, they have nothing to do with learning. As a result, we are preparing a crop of educated- totally- illiterate people. It is not their fault, they are told to do so. I get surprised when some good students come to me and request me to finish the syllabus within a few days.

Marks without learning and learning without marks is nothing

They don’t know even if they get good score on the basis of good cramming sans knowledge, they will get no place in good institutes. Say, any of them scores 90% or more and he gets admission to desired institutes, he will most surely become the source of laughter and insult. His teachers and institute will also be the target. Students must know that they can’t get jobs on the basis of scores. Score game is over now, it is only for the benefits of the institutes and the concerned teachers. You can get both job and reputation if you have knowledge. Only marks don’t bring them. So there is the need to connect syllabus and leaning. Finishing syllabus sans learning is nothing – it is just a wastage of time.

Note – This is writer’s personal opinion.

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