Should School’s Morning Time be Changed for Effective Learning ?

Are your children reluctant in getting up early for school ? Don’t they wish to cut and enjoy more sleeping ? Do you remember your own days when quilts were cosier in winter than going to school? Heart would wish for holidays and more morning sleep. This is the same story of our children these days


Should School Time be Changed for Effective Learning

How did I come across the idea of writing on this topic ? It is just accidental. I was listening some News Debate on this issue and idea struck me. Then I remember my own kids who have problems in getting up earlier.

Even I myself who am a serviceman and have to get up earlier face the same problem. Everyday we set the alarm and it rings without mistake producing raucous sounds in the morning. Can that sound be melodious ? The answer is no.

Then we awake the children. They, the helpless creatures, have to obey. Though there is the protest sometimes, it is put down mercilessly. They blink and do their best to open their eyes. Then they are forced to take bath and do all the morning activities. Time runs very fast in the morning. The clock strikes at the right time and they have to leave.

But breakfast is still left and the school bus has already come. We ask them to take breakfast. However, they don’t. There is no happiness in their hearts. And in that sombre mood, how can one expect them to have breakfast, even meager one ? Then unwillingly some of them drink a few sips of milk.

No solid intake. How to grow healthy without nutritious food ? Food stuff like almonds, corn flakes etc keep lying in the kitchen. Now they learn the habit of skipping the most important food of the day i.e. breakfast.

We also resort to shortcut formula of providing them breakfast. We bring junk food, easy-to-be prepared food. That proves hazardous rather than beneficial. There was also a health expert in that TV show who told the viewers that reduced sleep might cause diabetes, obesity and other diseases to the children. Then in the class-room. They remain inactive.

They keep lying on the bench. Some children fall asleep. Then they have to face the ire of the teachers. They are not able to focus on their studies. So both distractions and fear in the school.

So what should be the solution ?

This is the problem with the children in the Public Schools. The timing is  6:00 am or 6:30 am. The school van reaches even one hour earlier.  This thing doesn’t make them sleep at night. Even their parents’ situation is not better. They have to get up half an earlier than their children. At their work places they also keep yawning.

So the proper timing is 8 or 8:30 am in summer and 9:00 or 9:30 am in winter. Parents must also inculcate good habits such as early to sleep and early to rise  in their children.

They must ensure healthy breakfast for them. Schools must be pressurized for making comfortable timing especially for small kids.

Always keep in mind that 8 to 9 hours sleep is must for tiny kids. For the students it is 7 to 8 hours. Proper sleep will certainly keep them mentally healthy and fresh.

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