Use of Introductory “There” – Practice Set

How to use There in a sentence ? – Learn usage of There in day-to -day sentences

Use of There –

The adverb There is used in the beginning of a sentence immediately before ” to be ” when the Noun subject is an uncertain person or a thing. Here ” there ” is not an actual subject, but introduces the subject of the sentence that follows the verb. The verb agrees the subjects that follow it.

For example – There is a boy in the room.

The verb is agrees the subject a boy. It has nothing to do with There.

There are boys in the room. ( Verb agrees the plural noun boys)

There were boys in the room. ( Past)

So the present tense shall take the verbs like is/ are/ has/have

The past tense shall take was/ were/ had

In negative sentences we don’t use not after there is/are/was/were. Rather we use no here.

There is no one there.

In interrogative sentences, there shall come before is/are/was/were.

Is there any girl in the class room?

Practice Set for the use of introductory There

There is no milk in the kitchen.

There are bananas in the kitchen.

Are there no good players in our country ?

There was no teacher in the class room.

There is a tree in his yard.

There is no library in their school.

There has been an error in judging him.

Is there anyone to help you ?

How many students are there in your school ?

Important sentences related with the use of There

There are 1,500 students in our school.

How many days are there in a week ?

There is no vacancy in this department.

There is no sun outside.

There was no rain last year.

There is no doubt that he is honest.

There is nothing to eat and drink here.

There is much problem in this work.

There are many problems in this work.

Note – with much we use verb ‘is’ and many ‘ are ‘.

Difference Between There is and There are / There was and There were

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